Jersey: Moscow Dynamo Game Worn

One of the most kick a$$ jerseys I have:

Moscow Dynamo Front

Moscow Dynamo. Jersey made by ??????? This was a steal on ebay. Can you imagine paying under $100 dollars for a jersey of this beauty? The most comfortable jersey I have, this was an ebay find from after the lost season. Once the hockey in Europe and Russia wrapped up, a lot of jerseys found their way to North America. There’s probably a fascinating story of espionage, intrigue, contacts, drinking and violence behind getting these jerseys out of their maiden countries, but I will never hear it. No matter, one man’s workload is another man’s ebay find. And what an amazing find she it.

I have always loved the look of the European jerseys, with their patches and ads all over them, while at the same time, not wanting such a thing to find it’s way to our rinks. It probably stems back to elementary school, when cool patches on jean jackets made you cool. No matter that these crests came from a box of cereal, or with a Hot Wheels car, or sent away for with boxtops. What is so cool about collecting boxtops? Nothing, that’s what, even though everybody knew what you had to do to get that patch. You rotted out your teeth, and that was cool. Get it sewn on your jean jacket and strut around, showing off that X-wing fighter, or that you rode a Huffy. That was bad a$$. Who cared if it had a banana seat, it got you around, and you looked cool doing it. Don’t laugh, if they could, they would use them in the Tour de France. Of course, that jean jacket could only fit for so long (one year? More?), and got retired to the closet. But hockey jerseys, they are meant to fit big, and I don’t plan on getting that big (unless I have too many burritos). Hockey jerseys are forever.

Worn normally the BMW markings get folded over, but probably look pretty cool with pads underneath.

Moscow Dynamo Rear

Some of the logos on this jersey are patches, and some are sublimated. Such as, the name, Stimorol, Dynamo logo, Mentos logos, Zepter logo(sleeve), and winged logos are all patches. The numbers (all), BMW logo, Samsung logo, and the Russian writing I can’t translate is sublimated. Why? I know that this jersey went through at least one change in design, to satisfy the needs of the sponsors. What those needs were, I don’t know, but was most likely to do with who got more prominent display with relation to the dollar figure spent. Since the jersey number is sublimated, I would guess that there are some unused jerseys somewhere with some odd numbers.

So, Who’s jersey is this?
Moscow Dynamo name

Um…his. In my travels, I can’t find the paperwork from this jersey. I can’t remember the guys name. I know, I suck, but I don’t plan on selling these things, I wear them. How can you not. This thing is so comfortable, it’s like wearing the softest blanket you own. So, as I seem to do, if anyone has any info (ie, can read Russian), your help would be greatly appreciated.

Moscow Dynamo mentos

Although, I am pretty sure that says ‘Fresh Maker.’

UPDATE: Doogie2K gave me some info in the comments about the jersey. Here it is:

The name is “Vyshedkevich.”

Another sponsor is “BARKLI” (Barkley?).Also, the text under the #34 is
“Olympic System”. Dunno if that’s a company, or a league promotion, or what.

Thanks for the help, D2K. If anyone wants to chime in on the jerseys, let me know in the comments.


  1. Nice, always liked that look too. You can a Canucks Bertuzzi jersey for less than $50. That would be popular, huh. lol

  2. Yeah, great. Send one over, I’ll show you a few improvements we can make on it.

  3. Nothing wrong with a Dynamo jersey! Looks awesome!
    Hey Tapeleg, you have lost your sidebar to the bottom of the page on my standard screen. You may need to readjust your body and sidebar widths!

  4. The name is “Vyshedkevich.”

  5. Ah! Capitalism at its best!

    Moscow Dynamo brought to you by…Mentos? Hilarious!

    How many jerseys do you have?

  6. Too many. I have lost count, but only about 3 or four more game worn. But I won’t be running out any time soon.

  7. Another sponsor is “BARKLI” (Barkley?).

    Also, the text under the #34 is “Olympic System”. Dunno if that’s a company, or a league promotion, or what.

  8. D2K – Thanks. I’d have never known any of that. Stick around, I have another going up soon.

  9. I own about six Moscow Dynamo jerseys, including three like the one you have. They’re made by Lutch. (The zig-zag logo on the bottom hem of the jersey, next to the Russian Hockey Federation patch, is the Lutch logo.) You’re right, the material is very soft and comfortable– probably the softest jersey that I own, too.

    All Russian jerseys are sublimated, including the team logos (it’s rare to find a Russian jersey with a sewn-on breastplate logo– Ak Bars Kazan is one other team that used a sewn-on logo). Then, the teams sometimes add the patches later as they get sponsors. The Dynamo jersey like the one you have has the most patches of any team I’ve seen– most teams won’t have any patches on their jerseys, or only one.

    The players’ names aren’t always sewn onto the back, like the one you have, either (I like it better when they are). Usually, that means that the player was a lesser-known player, or someone who joined the team during the season. The regular players get their names sublimated along with the numbers and everything else, when the factory makes the jerseys in one batch before the season.

    The “wing” logos that are on both collarbone areas of the Dynamo jersey you have are for a Moscow insurance agency. They became the main sponsor, and then complained that the double logos didn’t give them enough coverage, so the team re-designed the jersey so that the insurance company logo is the main logo on the front, and the Dynamo team logo is up by the collarbone.

    Besides Lutch, Kait is another company that makes Russian jerseys. Their jersey material is heavier in weight than the Lutch jerseys, and they’re cut way larger, also. I’ve found that a size 56 North American jersey is about the same fit as a size 54 Lutch jersey and a size 52 Kait jersey.

  10. Fuck, now that I think of it, were you wearing this jersey at a Wolf Pack game this past season?

    I remember seeing someone in a Dynamo jersey, but their arm was in a sling. I couldn’t read the name on the back of the jersey because the strap was in the way.

  11. That would have been my girlfriend. Playoff game vs. the Monarchs. She saw the one game, then had to go back to work. I came back for the games vs. Portland, where I wore Dynamo, and Cincinnati Cyclones. Maybe an Ak Bars. She wore the game because it was more comfortable with the sling (broke her wrist at work).

    I was reading your blog durring the playoffs, and I always wondered where you were.

  12. I do remember seeing someone in that Dynamo jersey, even if I couldn’t remember if it was a man or woman. I probably saw the Ak Bars jersey, too (for one of the games, there was someone wearing an Ak Bars jersey in section 111 or so, which is the opposite end from where I sit).

    I’m always on the look-out for Russian jerseys, since so few people wear them.

  13. I think I was up in 116 (Penalty box side midway) around row W. Favorite place to sit. Would that have put you around the Cowbell?

  14. Yeah, JokerTom brought a cowbell to the games against Manchester, and he was usually sitting in one of the top few rows of the section that I sit in.

    He also brought a snare drum to one of the games. I don’t know if he did the same for the Portland series.

    The cowbell was to suggest that Manchester fans are all a bunch of farmers.

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  16. That is the best looking jersey I have ever seen…
    Im trying to find one like that with the patches and everything on the internet, but cant…

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  18. Can you imagine paying under $100 dollars for a jersey of this beauty?
    I would say its hard time to pay but not so much I would surely prefer next time!

    Not only google but yahoo also get same blog on search. wonder both have many similarities.

    EVen on going throw color of shirts I feel red would be best.

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  20. sublimation companies says:

    Great looking jersey. I like the patches and the colors. It’s funny that you don’t know whose jersey it is tho haha.

  21. It’s jersey of Sergei Vyshedkevich.

    By the way, up to date he played most games of all players in Moscow Dynamo history – 657 games.

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