Start Them Early

Yesterday was my niece’s 2nd birthday, which was a great chance to get her on the path of good and true Avs fan. If you don’t start early, they may turn bad, like becoming a Canucks fan.

Tell me that isn’t cute:
Zoe Jersey 2

Zoe Jersey one

Unusual things to do with the lace in front:
Zoe Loves the Lace

Pick out the 2 year old (Hint: try the one with the most hair)
Ultimate Fans

Happy Birthday, Zoe!


  1. At least as an Avs fan she won’t be so disappointed all the time! lol
    Cute kid (the one with more hair!)
    I gotta say, those Avs jerseys are weak though, sorry bud.

  2. Great pictures. Nice to see someone helping to influence future Avs fans.

  3. I find the simplicity of those retro jersey’s quite striking actually and your niece looks great in it. Next year, get her skates!

  4. My God. How could you DO that to such a beautiful child? Corrupting her at such a young age…:)

  5. Is she falling over like Brisebois yet?

    So precious when they tumble like that…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Boy, is my daughter cute or what? She looks great in that jersey! Thanks for posting the pics!

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