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David Frost arrested for sexual assault

This should surprise no one. It’s about time. Via the CBC:

Frost, 39, was charged with 12 counts of sexual exploitation and one count of
assault of seven victims – four males and three females between the ages of 14
and 16.

I hope this guy gets the book thrown at him. I can’t stand him. If he did this, I hope he rots.

This is one of those things that is too important to go away quietly. Just ask Sheldon Kennedy.

(Sure, innocent until proven guilty. I understand that. I hope he’s convicted.)

If you don’t know anything about Sheldon Kennedy, click here. You really should.


  1. With respect to the victims I hate to say that’s great, but it is great that he’s arrested. Everyone knew he was somekind of a man like this with the power he yielded over Danton.

  2. Let him burn. I hate fuckers who mess with our youth and mess them up mentally like that. Some kids carry these pains from abuse for the rest of their lives. So fuck any sympathy for these bastards who do this to kids.
    It really is a filthy thing

  3. I’ve dealt with this in dressing rooms of teams I coached and also my own kids team.

    There aren’t enough adjectives in a dictionary to properly say how disgusting this is.

    I hope the man gets his due.

    I find it absolutely insane that graham James is still coaching. Our court systems need an overhaul big time. Damn bleeding hearts!

  4. Graham James is still coaching? What is wrong with people?

    G. James only got 3 1/2 years. And what do you think Frost will get? And what do you think will happen to Danton?

    Screw this bastard. I hate this crap. And it takes away from the people who really do some good for kids.

  5. “Screw this bastard. I hate this crap. And it takes away from the people who really do some good for kids.”
    Yes it does.
    Glad to see that everyone is hateful of these travesties.

  6. James is coaching in England. He is not allowed to coach anyone under the age of 17 I beleive.

  7. He’s in England now? He was in Spain, last I checked.

    Anyway–I hope that the investigators in the case have done everything possible to build a strong case against the guy…and that includes making sure that the stories told them by former players check out.

    As much of a travesty as it is that David Frost was ever allowed to coach or be near impressionable NHL hopefuls, it would be an even bigger travesty if the OPP’s case winds up being full of holes that could have easily been prevented.

    May justice be served.

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