The Brain is Too Soft Today

For the past few days, work has been unforgiving, mostly in the time department. A few long days, with little sleep, and blogging went by the way side. I have a few things in the pipe, and a few things I want to post about, but today, I have no brain for any of it. Nothing is bubbling to the surface.

Instead, I give you the greatest game ever played. Ever.

Link to video

I’m not going to embed that video here, just go and watch it. It’s about seven and a half minutes, and worth it.

Real posts coming soon.

PS: why doesn’t blogger’s spellcheck recognize the word blog?


  1. A great link for a soft-brain day.

    Who says Disney didn’t know its hockey?

  2. Blogger has spell check??. Where??

  3. Whoa, I haven’t seen that one since I was about 10. Hilarious stuff. Hey was that Garth Snow in net earlier in the clip? He had huge padding.

  4. Who’s garth Snow? He played goal? Isn’t he now a respected hockey executive? LOL LOL

  5. The ref skates as well as MaGoo.

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