3rd Period

Richardson scores on the PP!.

Boychuk scores even strength. Double hell yeah!

Best taunt: “red and white makes you look fat!”

Wings score, and yet still suck. Go figure.

Skrastins cuts off a pass perfectly.

May earns his money in a punch in the face. May wins decisively, how embarassing for the Wings.

Klee trips, gets 2 minutes, hurts inside.

TV timeouts are better for blogging in than the game.

Jersey watch. Most unique jersey I have seen: Avs pink jersey. And yes, IwoCPO, it was on a woman.

Wings goal makes it 4-3 Detroit. Wings suck even worse. How unusual. Usualy goals make you better. Huh…

High stick to Laperiere. call is a little suspect.

I wish Brunette were playing.

Avs PK bails out Jose. Mad scramble behind Theodore. Why behind? Who knows. It’s Jose.

5 on 3 for the Avs for 1:21. Stastny is out for the PP, which makes me happy. He’s looking REALLY good out there.

Wolski is acting like a playmaker. Passing quick and crisp. He needs a line to work with regularly. He could shoot a little more. Like Thornton.

The Wings have iced a more balanced team tonight. But you can see where players like Sakic and Brunette are going to fit help make it a team.

AVS SCORE!!! 27.8 left on the clock! McLean gets it! We’ve got us some FREE HOCKEY!

Hejduk for tripping with1:28 left. Sadly, it was a good penalty to take.

and we go to the shootout.
It’s not sudden death, it’s ‘certain death.’ I like that.

The Zamboni drivers need more practice at the dry scrape.

Hejduk: miss
Houtler?: score
Stastny: SCORE!
Zetterburg: miss!
McLean: SCORE!!
?29wings: score
Wokski: SCORE!!!
37wings: MISS!!


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  1. coralvilleblades says:

    Congradulations Avs! Nice report Tapeleg. Real nailbiter.

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