Post Game Special

Some closing notes on tonights game (which are detailed and opinionated because I was at the game, so there):

* If I had my way, there would have been one or two posts tonight, rather than five. Unfortunately, the Palm does not have that sort of software. Also, my thumbs need to callus up. They are the ones who paid the price.

* The Avs preseason wins matter, the loses do not. That is the way it is. This is a fan blog, usually fair, and often balanced, but sometimes, you have to pull for your team, and that means pulling away from reason.

* Stastny with the goal in the second? I thought Arnason touched it. Damn. Arnason acted like he touched it. Damn. Well, anyways, Stastny rocks.

* I am not going to edit the previous posts. I was hurried during the game (which was liveblogging, like the format or not). No apologies.

* Williams and Samuelsson were the Wings I didn’t catch names of for the shootout. The booing was too loud. Of course, I was busy being a good little blogger. I sacrifice so much for this.

* Red Wings fans were everywhere. There was a time in this town when union workers would threaten your life for wearing a Wings jersey. I’ve seen it. What happened? The rivalry needs a boost. Regardless, they were very nice Wings fans.

* The Avs are in decent shape overall. Stastny will be sent down, even though he has done nothing short of earning a spot on the team. Sakic and Brunette round out tonight’s roster, and Klee can go away quite quick for all I care. See something different? Speak up. Comments are open.

* I had a great time at the game. Glad I went. I won’t liveblog every game I go to, but it sure was fun.


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  1. Cool stuff! Way to Blog!

  2. Explains the lack of of Avs chosen in the pool! But no Red Wings, I don’t get it!

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