A Quick Note to Media People

To all the media people who snub Tie Domi,

Please stop bashing Domi, for your own sake. You have had access to his locker room for years. He now has access to your buffet. This is called accountability.

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  1. I couldn’t help taking a swipe. The man and his wife have three kids who are likely going through hell now. Educate Domi about accountability!

  2. Tapeleg – I agree with you. Not because I’m a fan of Domi, but because all of this self-satisfied and gleeful speculation isn’t journalism in my opinion. Nor is Domi’s family any of my business.

    Whatever the truth is, I’m sure they’d all appreciate at least some privacy to figure it out.

  3. They should have thought that out beforehand. Journalisn is simply reporting news and facts. Their job is selling papers. The Domi’s ought to be raising children with a sense of responsability. They are more concerned presently with winning public opinion. I take issue with the release of private settlement documents that details who said and did what, to the media.

    Mrs Domi was obviously scorned, but she is settling the score in a manner in which no one wins. It’s sad as hell.

    Don’t blame the papers for printing Tie’s pic with Belinda after he’s been spotted with her in a dozen places.

    Don’t blame the papers for the release of information by Leanne Domi in regards to their dispute and settlement in court.

    If both parties had used common sense and discretion, we’d never have heard a word about it.

  4. I think it’s the person whom he is allegedly having the affair with that’s causing such a stir. The media have been very interested in her love life ever since she entered politics.

  5. Who gives a shit who Domi is screwing, or what his ex wife is saying?
    We also have sources who could give very lurid details of this, and many other things including Mark Messier’s “double life”, but whats the point? They no longer play.
    If you want to read about lurid rumors about a current player go to: http://ihateweekes.blogspot.com/

  6. Hey fauxrumors, why don’t you shut your Eklund-like ass up, and go play a game of hide and go-fuck yourself!

    You are a joke!

    Tapeleg, I don’t mind jabbing at Domi with my cartoon, but I honestly haven’t been paying any attention to the story, because I hate seeing this type of journalism in hockey.
    It is a type of lower-class that I wish the NHL media wouldn’t stoop down to.
    Then again, it sells, and that will always be the name of the game, so I just need to get used to it.

  7. You know, the readon I put the post up there had nothing to do with the divorce thing. It was more about this.

    Calgary Sun

    I suppose I should have put the article up there, but then again, I get to see what other people think.

    R/C – check out that article. It sure isn’t journalism.

  8. OOOO, yeah, that’s pretty bad!

  9. I don’t know TL, I think that’s a great piece of op ed writing! Nothing to do with B.S. and the affair.

    The main thing to be aware of in the Domi/Stronach biz, is that most of what we have been reading does not come from the sports writers. The blow up has moved beyond that into entertainment news and gossip sources.

    I hate seeing this happen to anyone, but I guess you get what you pay for in life. The fact that Domi has such a love – hate relationship with fans, just help this mess get blown out of proportion. I liken it to last years overreaction in the Tocchet gambling scheme, where simply the notion of Gretzky’s wife on the perimeter of the story was enough to send it to the front page for grandiose misconceptions and dimwitted jokes.

    What makes the Domi meltdown so bad and so poignant, are the accompanying pictures.

    What a family man!

    Dumb, dumber, Domi – indeed!

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