Avs Profiled in the Paper(s)

The Avalanche players have been showing up piecemeal in our Denver newspapers, pretty much just little profile pieces. For those who don’t know, the relationship between the two papers is dubious at best. They share the same building, one delivers on Saturday, while the other delivers on Sunday, and they are entirely too agreeable with each other. They have pretty much been splitting the players between themselves. Here now, I make with the linky-links:

Jose Theodore

Peter Budaj

Ian Laperriere

Marek Svatos

Ken Klee

John-Michael Liles

Joe Sakic

Milan Hejduk

Ossi Vaananen

Tyler Weiman

Tyler Arnason

I’m sure more are to come. We’ll see what we can do to get them up. Enjoy, do your homework


  1. I read the Sakic and Hejduk columns so far. Sakic = class. But parts of the Hejduk piece angered me.
    When the columnist mentioned:
    “It’s not fair to anyone who has made a long-term investment in Avalanche season tickets,” and with Hejduk moaning about how his friends are gone and that there are suddenly a bunch of kids on the Avs, and that he doesn’t agree with the Cap…I say too damn bad! I don’t care about those season ticket holders OR Hejduk’s feelings. Especially coming from small market British Columbia.
    Av fans and players have been spoiled for over a decade with expensive talent-laden rosters that alot of teams couldn’t afford. We were sick of the monopoly. I know the columnist redeems himself a bit by saying the NHL NEEDED the cap, and good on him.
    But this new NHL is thrilling me with all the possibilities.

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