Avs Welcome Alex O

The Avalanche are hosting the Washington Capitals tonight, or I should say, the parent club to the Calder Cup winning Hershey Bears. For the Caps, it isn’t about where they are, it’s were they are going. Either I am paying way too much attention to the Avs, or the Alexander Ovechkin show is a little quieter this year (probably the first one there). Last season, I spent December in Norfolk, VA, where we got the local feed of Caps games. They aren’t stupid over there. They have something they call an Alexander Ovechcam, a camera who’s job is to just follow Ovechkin. He’s paying a cameraman’s salary, he’s that good. His secret may be out, if there ever was one, but his skill won’t run out any time soon. You can also read the blog of their owner, Ted Leonis. It’s interesting reading.

Overall, tonight I say, who knows? Coming off a road trip where Theo went split decisions, and 2 Budaj wins (one away, and one at home), Theo will probably get the start, but the real test will be the first D line, or, until Leopold gets back (who may have had a setback), whoever is acting like one. I’m still looking for that Mike Commodore type D-man, the one who is ALWAYS in good position.

For Caps takes, check out Jasper’s Rink, Off Wing Opinion, and DC Sports Chick. To see my take on Alex O, go here. Me? I’m going to the Czech hockey bar. Let’s hope there aren’t any foosball jerks tonight. Game on.

UPDATE: After sifting through the dirge of hockey news, I found out that Budaj is slated for tonight. I’m sure a lot will be said about that all day, and tomorrow. I will probably be no exception.

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  1. Hey, how about that check by Ovie in the 3rd period? :-)

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