All the Ladies in the House

If you don’t follow the minor leagues, you are missing out on a lot of fun. Cheap games, crazy fans, and of course, insane promotions. This is from Our Sports Central, my source for minor league news. If you live in California, and love hockey, you need to go to this game:

As part of the “Desperate Housewives” promotion, the first 1,000 ladies in
attendance will receive an authentic Ice Dogs thong. These limited edition one
size fits all thongs are sure to be a hit, so all ladies make sure to arrive
early because they will be go fast!

What the hell is a one size fits all thong? Have you ever heard of one size fits all underwear? These people are crazy, They are crazy and want to see you ladies in a thong. They are insane. Don’t upset them. And if someone goes, and the damn thing doesn’t fit, because one size doesn’t do it, send it to me. I don’t look hot in a thong, but I should have one of these things. What more does a hockey fan need in life? (other than a team that can WIN A GAME EVERY SO OFTEN, ESPECIALLY BY NOT GIVING UP A LEAD!!!! but I’m not bitter)


  1. My favorite promotion of all time was when the Manchester Monarchs did Mullet Night. They stopped doing the promotion a season or two ago because it’d grown so big. They’d give out free mullet wigs as you came through the gates, and they’d drafted up a flyer explaining the fictional Mullet Hall of Fame, and… well, they just put on one hell of a fantastic show. Manchester usually does anyways, but it was extra-over-the-top. Excellent promotion, excellent idea.

    That said, I really want some Ice Dog panties, because I can’t think of anything better to torture my roommate with, except maybe Andrew Raycroft’s face on a thong.

  2. I want to know what you are going to do to your roommate with an Ice Dogs thong. I’m very confussed.

    Also, you know there will be rabid fans walking the aisles after the game, looking for spare thongs. And someone is going to wear one on his head, like a hat. And feel cool doing it.

  3. I saw the pic of you in the Ice Dogs thong on Yahoo and LMAO! Why on earth do you wear it backwards?

  4. I never understood thongs. Why in the world would you want a permanent wedgie?

  5. It’s going there anyways

  6. I’ve seen some crazy promotions in minor league baseball, but this one takes the cake.

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