Delivered from the Face of Evil

You know, this shootout thing might not be so bad after all.

Last night was a test of character for me. My long hours of moving in The Nutcracker (which you will hear about as I get increasingly sick of it) finished up just in time for me to see Jose Theodore take a tripping penalty and two goals score in under two minutes. Three if you count the waived off goal. I bet Earl Sleek was pissed at that one. But after grueling hours and too much Tchaikovsky, exhaustion had settled in, and I didn’t want to watch anymore. Talk about new and creative ways to lose, how about, as the goalie, you take the penalty that serves as the rallying point for the other team? And your teams first penalty of the game at that. Good times had by all (I am no stranger to sarcasm).

But sticking with it, I was rewarded. In his first shootout of the year, Theodore closed the door, while Super Joe Sakic had the game winner on a huge backhand he roofed. How do you roof it on a backhand like that? Freaking amazing. So, even with the classic Avs maneuver of giving up a lead, they managed to hold on to the tie, and take another point with the shootout (and as Sleek would say, a Shoutout, which is a shootout shutout) against one of the most dangerous teams in the league. The Ducks are nothing to sneeze at. And while thins should be a bit of a rallying point for the Avs, this should also serve as a reminder, of what the sweater used to mean, and what it can mean again.

Now, go eat some turkey, and wonder why we don’t get to see the Canucks vs. Predators game, while having football shoved down our throats.

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  1. “…football shoved down our throats.”

    You really should move to Canada. It’s better here!
    I watched that blowout over a game of pool and some suds!

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