Avs vs. Oilers, My Quick Recap

I got to be home for a live one tonight, so I took advantage. This was written as the game went on. Enjoy.

1st Period
Liles gets his 100th point. Tying things up quickly is just what the Avs needed. Even though he missed cutting off the pass on the first Oilers goal, it was more Brisebois getting schooled on the breakaway that let it in. Liles has the response.

Arnason GOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!!!! The juicy rebound gets picked up. I bet the Flames would have handled that one (HA!)

Haven’t seen Roloson complain yet in 8 minutes of hockey. Something must be wrong with him.

Why the hell are the Avs allowing Ryan Smyth to break in alone? From the end camera angle, you can see the mistake the defense makes, trying to poke check the pass to Smyth, rather than retreating to cover him. A cautious play would have most likely saved a goal. Again, like the Flames game (and the first goal of this game), it wasn’t the goaltender that was the problem, it was the defense.

Stastny has the beautiful tip in. Great goal from one of the Future-Looks-Bright crew.

Arnason again with the GOOOOAAAALLL!!!!!! For all the slacking Arnason did with the Blackhawks and Senators, he seams to be making up for it now.

2nd Period
Avalanche GOAL!!!! Hejduk with the power play blast, and you have to think that Roloson is getting nervous. Five goals on eleven shots, with no real excuses for him. Where is Ty Conklin when you need him? (Ohh, noo)

GOAAAALLLL!!!!! The clean faceoff win for Sakic was the decider, and Svatos just chips it in. Ty Markkanen takes the net for Roloson, which is what you expect. Yeah, I know it’s Jussi, not Ty, but it’s just fun to type.

Hey look at that. Forechecking. What a good idea, Avs. Should have tried that in Calgary.

3rd Period
My O and A keys are getting tired tonight, but here it is: GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!! Svatos with the steal and the breakaway. That’s two for him tonight, and two for Arnason. Arnason. Huh. Did the Senators just treat this guy like crap? He’s been playing pretty well for the Avs from the get go. I’ll have to ask Sherry.

Stoll gets the goal on the doorstep. If Ken Klee would have gotten a stick on the thing, rather than whiffing on it, that goal wouldn’t have happened. But still, a good goal by Stoll for being heads up and paying attention.

Smyth takes out Richardson on a DIRTY PLAY. Don’t give me that crap, he should be in the box for interference at the very least. Smyth could have avoided, skated right into Richardson for no good reason, and good the hit up on the head. Was that the Smyth payback for the Liles knee? Total headhunter. But it was from a Canadian team, so I’m sure he will be praised as a hero. Hell of a way to end the game. Rivalries aren’t build on a schedule, they are build on this. I now have my bile up over the Oilers.

Forechecking, backchecking, good passing, pressure, even being aggressive on the penalty kill. The Avs took a few lessons from the Flames from Tuesday. Even if they can’t sustain the pressure and intensity of tonight, sustaining the desire would go a long way in making this a realistic season, not just the season most people predicted. This was the complete game, which wasn’t the case at the beginning of the season. Is this a glimmer of hope? I’m going to wait and see. At least the boys are pissing some people off. Canucks on Saturday, in Vancouver. Will the Avs own them again? Will Luongo be the starter? WWMCD?

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  1. So did they win?

  2. I don’t think the Senators treated him like crap, although what went on behind the scenes is anyone’s guess. They had higher expectations of him and he didn’t deliver. He only had four assists in 19 games and never scored a goal. Part of it may be that he had his eggs scrambled pretty hard by Exelby of the Thrashers one time and needed more time to recover. Nonetheless, he sat in the press box for the playoffs and was never really given a chance. There were whispers of him not being in shape and issues with his work ethic.

    And the Sens never gave him a qualifying offer but was willing to sign him for less than what he was paid last season. He said no thanks and signed with Colorado…for less than what he was paid last season. All in all, the fact that he’s doing so well kind of gets my goat.

  3. WWMCD?

    What Would Mike Comrie Do? I don’t get it.

  4. What Would Marc Crawford Do

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