Avs vs Alliteration

Overall, a good couple of days for me, and a couple of bad ones for the Avs

Post Pessimist Pretty Positive

I guess Post-Pessimist means you are supposed to be positive, but I have to say, Greg is a hell of a nice guy. Of course, he is an Avs fan, so of course he is. But beyond that, he was a lot of fun to hang out with. H?e couldn’t stay at the bar for the game, but the pregame was a ton of fun. He knows his hockey, which is why he writes for Hockey Rants, but he’s pretty funny to boot. A good time was had. I wish he would have been snowed in, as that night, I won tickets to the Blues / Avs game that was tonight.

Theodore Tanks Trying To Take Turco

When you at the hockey bar, and the crowd cheers when your high paid “number one” goaltender is pulled, you know something is wrong in the land. All I can say is, if four goals isn’t enough to beat the Stars, then there are some serious problems.

Budaj Battles Bad Blues (But Battles Buddies)

So I had to use “battles” twice. It still fits.
If you look at the game sheet, you get the feeling that Budaj tanked. Budaj let in 3 goals on 19 shots, while Legace had 30 saves on 32 shot. Sadly, half the shots the Avs took were weak as hell, and could be seen all the way in. Budaj didn’t face that many shots, and he got some help in that regard. The Avs still blocked some serious shots. But there was some bad play along the way
Wolski looked dead on his feet half the time, and tried to play way to pretty when he had the puck. Ian Laperriere gets the award for most obvious penalty of the night, putting the Avs on the wrong side of a 5 on 3 (one goal). Ossi Vaananen blows the 2 on 1 against, and lets the pass go past him, when the puck was practically at the goal line. (another goal). And what the hell Hejduk was doing taking a penalty 180 feet from his own end is beyond me. (that makes 3) So the Blues went 3-4 on the power play (including the empty netter), even though they are the worst power play club in the league. The Avs had problems all night with clearing the zone. Overall a bad night for everyone, but not so bad for Budaj as it may seem.

Jerseys and Hockey Love Comes Online

I have no alliteration on that one. It was just the leap that needed to be made, and I’m happy to have done it. I keep scratching my head about some parts, and marveling at others. This is really fun. I;m pretty happy with it.

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Welcome to the new site for Jerseys and Hockey Love. I’m pretty excited about the new site and new format. If you see any weird formatting issues or things look weird on your computer, please let me know.

The new feed is here, and the comment feed is here.

Look around, see what you think. I’m sure I’ll be tinkering with it for a while.

Jerseys and Hockey Love Manifesto

Best used between June 7th, 2006 and June 30th, 2007

Management reserves the right to have an opinion

Management has the right to spread it’s opinion

Management has the right to change it’s opinion

Management has the right to be wrong

Item One:
Hockey is not the NHL, hockey is a sport. More so, hockey is a game. The NHL is a league that plays the game of hockey for a lot of money. That simple fact is easy to forget. It is the same game played by 10 year old children, men in beer leagues, and the Women on the Olympic teams. It is played all over the world, and at all different levels. Female rabbis and amputees play it, kids ref it, and it is larger than all of us, or our nation of birth. Acting like the NHL is hockey will be subject to finger pointing and laughter.

Item Two:
Opinions about hockey are only opinions, and you are welcome to yours. No one else has to agree with them. Do not complain to management if you feel you are not being heard, you have as much of a voice as I do. No one has to listen to me, or you, or Jeremy Roenick.

Item Three:
Your team is not your team. You do not play for the Montreal Canadians, or the Anaheim Ducks, or the Colorado Avalanche. While the use of the term “We” in regards to the team you enjoy (follow/love/bow down to/ are a fan of ) is considered marginally acceptable, you, as a person, did nothing to help your team into the playoffs, lift the Stanley Cup, make a bad play, make a bad trade, or anything that happened on the ice or the back office. If you are a player or employee of a team, then you can send a resume to management for exemption on this item. Until then, get off the high horse.

Item Four:
Management is not responsible for your anger, hate, or general dislike of anything. If you do not like what you read anywhere, be it on the web, in print, or spray painted in the streets, you have the right to stop reading it. If you are offended by anything said here, please avert your eyes. I’m OK with that.

Item Five:
The professional players who we pick at, make fun of, and take to task are people. They have a completely different lifestyle, and had a completely different experience growing up than you or I. While they should be held accountable for their actions, they are not perfect, nor should they be expected to be. Money does not make them happy, daily struggles do not simply vanish, and life does not stop for them. They have feeling, problems, and issues. To act like they should walk on water is ridiculous. Look back on your life and see where you went wrong. Then apply that to a life well outside of the mainstream. Kids who want to play in the NHL do not think about how they are going to get ripped apart in the media, or how they are going to be public enemy number one in the eyes of millions. They aren’t thinking about bankruptcy or divorces or hate mail or toiling in the minors. They want to score and skate and hold up a trophy. We are the ones who bring along their baggage. We make it harder on them. As much as they may own that for being in that light, we own it for slinging it.

Item Six:
The NHL is not a right, it is a privilege. The NHL is a business that sells you hockey. If it went out of business tomorrow, there would be jobs lost, feelings hurt, money that didn’t change hands, and the earth would still spin. If you wanted to, you could find a hockey game to go to the very next day, for less money out of pocket, and with a better seat to watch from. You can find a game most nights of the week, be it minor pro, junior, or a bunch of mites. Tomorrow, there will be hockey.

Item Seven:
Calm down. Thank you.

Item Eight:
Management reserves the right to not like the same team, player, beer, or anything as you. Management does not have to agree with you. It’s not a problem. It’s not personal. I have chosen my path, and to me, it is the path of the righteous. If it is not yours, that is fine. I will not be knocking you down a peg for it. That isn’t my place, and it isn’t yours.

Item Nine:
You are responsible for what you write. Freedom of speech and personal responsibility go hand in hand. You can act like an adult, or not, but when you get the reign of fire thrown at you, don’t come around here expecting your wounds to be cleaned up and get a pat on the head. Act like an ass, get treated like an ass.

Item Ten:
I am part of the problem. Deal with it. We are hockey fans. None of us are innocent.

Item Eleven:
Go watch a game.

Please Note:
This manifesto was inspired by the Old Bastard’s Manifesto (from where I completely ripped off the format), written by Warren Ellis. Ellis is, to me, one of the best comic book writers (and soon to be novelist) in the world. He uses pictures and words for great stories, and occasionally to disgust and anger. Don’t check him out if you are not prepared.

Also, while I believe everything I just wrote (and have written on this blog), the era of the personal manifesto is at it’s end. I am happy for that. There was a time when it was hip to write a manifesto. I am writing mine way after it’s cool to do so. I’m happy with that. I don’t need to be cool. That can help when you are a hockey fan.

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Bad Day for Me, Good Day to Have Hockey

Well, I had a hell of a day. Actually, it was only a few things. It started with work, where we were loading out the Nutcracker. Your truly took a little tumble and fell backward onto a pile of stage weights. My back is pretty scrapped up, but it could have been worse. Then, when I tried to reset my stats counter for my new site, getting my own page views and visits removed, I accidentally reset the Blogger site. Oops. Well, I can maybe add a few numbers to that, or at least just an asterisk.

But even though the Avs aren’t playing, OLN is showing the Bruins at Columbus. During the lockout, I spent 8 months in Boston. There was no better place to be without hockey in the States. Northeastern University, Boston University, Boston College, the Beanpot tournament. There was still hockey everywhere. There was AHL nearby in the form of Providence, Lowell, Worcester, Springfield, Hartford, and even Bridgeport, CT. We got to see the AHL AllStar Game and UHL AllStar Game, and I even got to see the Denis Leary Celebrity Hat Trick charity game. They even opened up the Fleet Center (as it was called at the time) for some public skating. For someone who never cared for baseball, it was impossible not to get swept up in the Red Sox world series win. Less so for the New England Patriots superbowl win. There was good food and living on a house boat for a month, there was a serious blizzard and warm days in the Commons. There was days skating in Stoneham, and nights drinking at the Blue Man Group theater. It was the best time I have ever had in my life.

It’s nice to see the Bruins, but I have to agree with the Wicked Bruins Fan. It’s too bad it;s on OLN. I would rather see it on NESN, the local feed. They do a superior job. If I were moving to the east coast, I would go to Boston in a heartbeat, and if I had to pick an Eastern Conference team, I guess I would have to choose the Bruins. Sorry to the rest of you.

So the day, she is looking up.

Update: Man, what a game.  Ups, downs, highs, lows, the only things missing were a fight and good announcing.  Tim Thomas deserved better than what he got tonight.  Overall, a good game.  A good night for hockey.

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Yes, this is hockey related.

Meet Snowie, from the World Championships in 2002. Snowie, meet boards.

[ev type=”youtube” data=”GtTLOE42b6I”][/ev]

This one is for all the kids

[ev type=”youtube” data=”uLi8_VJzX8U”][/ev]

Just plain fun

[ev type=”youtube” data=”7xrVJaYedWg”][/ev]
This is what life is really like in Alberta

[ev type=”youtube” data=”zTwIjZ35Opg”][/ev]

  Finally, keep your head on a swivel. Chicks dig it.

[ev type=”youtube” data=”E71nSzQBi60″][/ev]


I swear (and I might a few times here), I see no reason to continue buying The Hockey News. They piss me off more than any Red Wings blogger has – ever. In what I assume is the latest article (I’m not even interested in going to their website to find out, Crosby and Malkin on the cover), they tell us how, since no one is going to games in America anymore, it’s high time some of the teams should be moved to Canada. That’s right, the Gary taketh, and the Gary should giveth back.

To make their point, The Hockey News selected November 30th as it’s measuring stick. A Thursday. So, THN then goes on about the attendance figures for that night across the league. They talk about the total attendance percentage figures (72%), then the percentage without the Canadian home games included (61.4%). Now, here’s some of the kickers:

  • The night in question was chosen for a specific reason. Namely, in St. Louis, the Blues has an announced attendance of 5,410 (according to THN). So, that dramatically lowers the percentage. That night, there was also a nasty ice storm. THN reports it as “icy outside”. Weather Underground reports that around 8:30 am, there was “light freezing rain,” and soon following “ice pellets.” Here in Denver, there is snow like a mother (or what I’m assuming THN would call a ‘light dusting’), and the Nuggets game was canceled. Uh, oh. We better move the team to the sun belt. Now they have canceled the Avs / Flames game for tonight. On no, we better ship the team back to Quebec City. Our fans aren’t good enough to make the game happen.
  • There were three NHL games played in Canada. Ducks at Vancouver (it’s the Ducks, with the best record in the league, and the dreaded Chris Pronger), Avalanche at Edmonton (an in division game in the tightest division in the league, also right after the Ryan Smyth / John-Micheal Liles knee-on-thigh incident), and Panthers at Senators (huh?). The Senators game was announced at 17,814, and have a reported capacity of 20,500. Not bad, but what is that 85% ish? Fine, not bad, but still… The games played in America: Flyers at Islander (two crap teams), Kings at Coyotes (crap and crap), Lightning at Bruins (can you say disenfranchised fans? I knew you could), Stars at Caps (out of Conference, but should sell, didn’t but should), and Maple Leafs at Thrashers (sold decent considering that the fan base is getting back into the game after years of losing for no good reason). So, what do you stake your findings on? A piss poor night of hockey.
  • This is a beef with THN specifically. If you are going to put a picture of a game in Montreal in your article about attendance on a specific day, pick one where the Habs play.
  • St. Louis is the whipping boy. After coming in last with a bullet, and then the promise of serious rebuilding falling flat, and with an increase in ticket prices to boot, what the hell do you expect? I found this simple graphic from St. Louis Today. I can’t attest to it’s accuracy, but if this is what’s happening in St. Louis, I think there are some real problems that can be solved easily and without a border crossing.

They claim that Winnipeg and Southern Ontario would be good markets. Fine. Great. If Winnipeg was so good, why did the Jets leave? Why take a chance on Arizona, a place that many people believe is a silly place for the NHL to be in. Or, if Quebec City is a possibility, why did the Nordiques leave for Colorado. Sure, the Flames left Atlanta for Calgary, and are wildly successful, but they were in Atlanta first for a reason, and a franchise was put back there for a reason.

Even if the teams moved to Canada, what would that give you? A few more percentage points of attendance bump? Whoopide doo. You also get a more diluted Canadian television package, and an even less interested American audience (we don’t see many Canada vs Canada teams down here, you know). What you wind up doing is selling the game to the same people you are already selling the game to. This is not how you build a league beyond gate revenues. As important as that is, how much is television rights worth for individual teams, in their own markets?

My beef is not with Canada, or with the people who want or would support an NHL team in another Canadian city. In a way, I hope you get your wish. My beef is with THN. There is more punditry in THN than on the average hour of FOX News, and that is saying something.

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Still Life in the Snow Storm

This was taken at Illegal Pete’s, which was one of the few places open yesterday serving food. For those of you in Canada, that plate is full of what we call nachos. The tomato stuff and the green stuff is called salsa, which you may know as chutney. I didn’t have a burrito, as that may have confused you (in my 6 months spent in Toronto, I never did see one). But, to the left is a Molson Canadian. I’m sure the phone (first look at the new one) was made overseas.

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Snow Day!!! (very photo heavy)

If you don’t pay attention to the weather outside of your area, or just don’t even care, it’s snowing like a mother here (Dear Canada, I don’t care how much it snows there. Thank you) up to two feet are expected by noon tomorrow. The Ballet was canceled, as was the Nuggets (basketball) game. And since I didn’t have to work, I could go out and make snow angels (which I didn’t, but I could have). Wish you were here:

To save you the bandwidth, I put the photos after the break.  Click below to see them:

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Thin Air: Bad Night For the Home Team

Just a quick hit or two, from my sleepy brain:

  • There was only one win by a home team Tuesday night (Wild)
  • There were three teams to score 7 goals
  • There were 3 hat tricks in the night (Blake, Brunette, Sturm)
  • The Nutcracker was Tchaikovsky‘s least favorite composition he wrote (look, I give you the hockey, and throw in the bonus of culture. Angry culture)

That’s all I have for tonight. Tune in next time when I ask if there were any goalies in net for last night’s Oilers / Avs game. Goodnight.

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Cleveland It Is

I will be at work all day today, and well into the night, so I won’t be able to update if this is officially announced today, but this is from the Plain Dealer:

The American Hockey League team owned by Dan Gilbert will be the top affiliate of the Colorado Avalanche, Cavaliers officials confirmed Saturday.

Gilbert, owner of the Cavaliers, and a group of investors purchased a dormant AHL franchise, the Utah Grizzlies, earlier this year. The AHL approved the sale in May.

The Cavaliers and Avalanche agreed on a multiyear deal that is expected to be announced officially today

One good thing about Cleveland, they are right next to the best amusement park in the world. So there.

Oh, also, this is for Brushback of sidearm delivery…

The current franchise still needs a nickname and accompanying logo. Komoroski said broadcast reports that the team will be known as the Fighting Walleyes are premature.

Someone needs to photoshop up a Walleye jersey.