Cleveland It Is

I will be at work all day today, and well into the night, so I won’t be able to update if this is officially announced today, but this is from the Plain Dealer:

The American Hockey League team owned by Dan Gilbert will be the top affiliate of the Colorado Avalanche, Cavaliers officials confirmed Saturday.

Gilbert, owner of the Cavaliers, and a group of investors purchased a dormant AHL franchise, the Utah Grizzlies, earlier this year. The AHL approved the sale in May.

The Cavaliers and Avalanche agreed on a multiyear deal that is expected to be announced officially today

One good thing about Cleveland, they are right next to the best amusement park in the world. So there.

Oh, also, this is for Brushback of sidearm delivery…

The current franchise still needs a nickname and accompanying logo. Komoroski said broadcast reports that the team will be known as the Fighting Walleyes are premature.

Someone needs to photoshop up a Walleye jersey.


  1. Hey! Where’d that Nissan ad come from?

  2. Yeah, I know. That crap is gone. I don’t know how I got that crap in there, but I must have accidentally grabbed it with the quotes. Sorry for the inconvienence. That sucked.

  3. Cleveland also has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – lucky Devils!

    Here’s a snatch of cool trivia for you.

    Which rocker inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall has a father in the HHOF?

    Twisted hint – neither are old, but one is dead!

  4. With prices like they are now offering, don’t expect Cleveland to last long. Management is definitely deluded here. Glass seats for $60. $9 seats now $20. Its unfortunate because marketed correctly, even in a major league city, AHL hockey could be successful in Cleveland again. They really missed the boat here though. Do you think Joe Average is gonna regularly pluck down $30+ for a decent seat to a minor league hockey game? I’m sure opening night will be packed, but by the middle of the season, it’s gonna be a sea of empty seats as usual.

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