Avs vs Alliteration

Overall, a good couple of days for me, and a couple of bad ones for the Avs

Post Pessimist Pretty Positive

I guess Post-Pessimist means you are supposed to be positive, but I have to say, Greg is a hell of a nice guy. Of course, he is an Avs fan, so of course he is. But beyond that, he was a lot of fun to hang out with. H?e couldn’t stay at the bar for the game, but the pregame was a ton of fun. He knows his hockey, which is why he writes for Hockey Rants, but he’s pretty funny to boot. A good time was had. I wish he would have been snowed in, as that night, I won tickets to the Blues / Avs game that was tonight.

Theodore Tanks Trying To Take Turco

When you at the hockey bar, and the crowd cheers when your high paid “number one” goaltender is pulled, you know something is wrong in the land. All I can say is, if four goals isn’t enough to beat the Stars, then there are some serious problems.

Budaj Battles Bad Blues (But Battles Buddies)

So I had to use “battles” twice. It still fits.
If you look at the game sheet, you get the feeling that Budaj tanked. Budaj let in 3 goals on 19 shots, while Legace had 30 saves on 32 shot. Sadly, half the shots the Avs took were weak as hell, and could be seen all the way in. Budaj didn’t face that many shots, and he got some help in that regard. The Avs still blocked some serious shots. But there was some bad play along the way
Wolski looked dead on his feet half the time, and tried to play way to pretty when he had the puck. Ian Laperriere gets the award for most obvious penalty of the night, putting the Avs on the wrong side of a 5 on 3 (one goal). Ossi Vaananen blows the 2 on 1 against, and lets the pass go past him, when the puck was practically at the goal line. (another goal). And what the hell Hejduk was doing taking a penalty 180 feet from his own end is beyond me. (that makes 3) So the Blues went 3-4 on the power play (including the empty netter), even though they are the worst power play club in the league. The Avs had problems all night with clearing the zone. Overall a bad night for everyone, but not so bad for Budaj as it may seem.

Jerseys and Hockey Love Comes Online

I have no alliteration on that one. It was just the leap that needed to be made, and I’m happy to have done it. I keep scratching my head about some parts, and marveling at others. This is really fun. I;m pretty happy with it.

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  1. Legace had 30 saves on 32 shot, thats pretty nice.

    I had a hard time following some of your post though =/

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