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Some days, I get a little jealous. I look around at the blogosphere, and there are some really fun team blogs out there. There are the “Battle Of” blogs (California, Ontario, Alberta), and there are regular blogs written by several people (Hockey Rants, for instance). It just looks like so much fun. I can picture the bloggers now, driving around in their 70s red hotrod with racing stripes, calling each other cute nicknames like”Starsky” or “Hutch,” eating ice cream sandwiches and solving crimes. Ah, to be part of a team.

I guess the ultimate team blog is the HLOG (Hockey Ladies of Greatness). According to their sidebar, they currently have 20 members blogging away. And they still have room for more. They throw out topics and discuss, bounce around ideas, and still have content for their regular blogs. Crazy. And it’s good blogging. Now I’m really jealous.

Having someone to bounce ideas off of must be the shit. In the off season, I had a great time bouncing ideas off of Zanstorm and Hodge of Waiting for Stanley. When there wasn’t much going on in a given day, they could inspire me to do something fun (like bobbleheads). Earl Sleek was another one to help keep me going in what seemed like the longest off season ever. But now, we have all run off to our little corners of the web, to cheer on out teams, and occasionally run into each other in an intersection.

I had the idea months ago to create a drunken hockey blog. Call it something like Drunken Hockey Blog. It would be a team blog, where you could post whatever you wanted, but you had to be drunk to do it. Raging debates about what the best hockey beer and hockey liquor would rage (Ha! Rage twice!). Smack talk would degenerate into “you suck!” Best of all, you watch your team, drink throughout the game, and then post. I, of course, would post pictures of jerseys I have spilled alcohol on, and describe each beer stain. You have to give your qualifications for posting (how many drinks, and of what kind), and you have to post about hockey, but other than that, go for it. Most importantly, you would have drunken bloggers to bounce your drunken hockey thoughts off of. There are plenty of candidates for such a thing, such as this guy, her (scroll down to see what I mean), them, these guys, this woman, this one, and diffidently him. It might even get this guy away from his video games. Think of it as an entertaining public service. It could help prevent something like this.

Now all I have to do is develop a USB Breathalyzer. You are too sober to post to this blog.

Sharks play the Avs on Versus soon. I’m off to the pub. I’m too sober for this game.

Please, blog responsibly.

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  1. Hahaha, love the idea. Although it could hinder the writing process (and ability to type). But hey, some of the great writers wrote their best when they were hammered. Enjoy watching the game! My Blues just lost in a shootout against the friggin’ Coyotes. Pathetic.

  2. Anything involving the funny juice I’m game for, except I have to limit the amount of time I spend with the al-key-hol during school time. Sadly, the amount of money I’m paying my school for allowing me to be here does make me feel guilty sometimes.

  3. THC – I would think about suspending spell check privledges for the DHB. More fun that way.

    Sherry – You have to get the boys to buy you the drinks, then bail on them when you find out they are Leafs fans.

  4. To think I’m less than a year away from ruin my brain and body from godless substances. Or I could just use my sister’s old driver’s license.

    To be fair, the HLOG’s more like a little chugboat or something of that sorts. It’s a little insignificant but it’ll be there. And it’ll get there. Even if we have to sacrifice people for it.

  5. I’m not sure how it’s insignificant. You get a bunch of female bloggers together and keep them going. Sounds like it’s working out well. Plus some pretty good content to boot.

    Would HMOG (Hockey Men of Grandiose) turn into chest thumping and stupidity? Probobly. Hence, they might as well be drunk. Save everyone involved some time.

  6. Sounds like somebody just wants to justify their drinking habit 😉

  7. Liking the USB Breathalyzer idea. That surely can’t be too difficult to do. Think of the whole range of stuff that it can be used for.

    You could eventually work out what blogs (or any sites for that matter) were the biggest products of drunkedness. What teams had the drunkest fans. What country or state were the biggest lager louts.

    Get that patent in Tapeleg!

    From a closet (and surprisingly sober) Canucks Fan.

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