Jersey: 2004 All Star Game

Was this the last great All Star Jersey?

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All Star Front

Of course, this is the Joe Sakic All Star jersey. It scares me a little to own it, because, of the four jerseys with Avs players names on them that I own, Super Joe is the only one who still plays for the Avs. This was from the 2004 All Star Game in Minnesota, where Sakic won the MVP of the game, and a new car (Dodge Dakota).

The funny thing is, in 2004, the NHL was trying to show off it’s history, and get back to it’s roots by having vintage jersey designs and a retro look to the All Star Game. Then, at the 2004 World Cup of Hockey, they had jersey designs based on older national teams (1920 for Canada, 1932 for the US), and even gave the refs a retro jersey design. At this years All Star Game, they will be unveiling the new jersey designs, which are supposed to be tighter fitting and of different materials. From looking to the past to forgetting about it.

The jury is still out about the new designs, until a good hard look can be taken. Some who have seen the jerseys up close are saying that there is an over reaction to the new jerseys. But what do they expect? Did they not see the dreadful “swift” jerseys at the Olympics? They were beyond ugly, and the first time I have seen breathable be a direct synonym for cheap. I would be scared as hell if that was what was coming into the NHL. I would have to change the name of this blog to Pucks and Hockey Love. Not going to happen.

All Star Back

Of course, I love the look of this jersey, but hate the look of the Eastern All Star jersey. Why? The colors. That damn thing is Red and White. You figure it out.

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  1. What is wrong with red & white?

    I am looking forward to your sweater review, you know jerseys!!!

  2. That’s a gorgeous jersey.

    And there is nothing wrong with Red and White…perhaps they should throw in some black in there to even things out?

    To be honest, I have nothing against the new jerseys. If they’re kind of the same concept and model of the Olympic ones I thought they looked fine and I think the World Juniors also wore the new ones this year too. Whether or not they’re functional I would know nothing about though. I would like to know how they plan on justifing the price tag on them though.

  3. S – Yeah, nothing wrong with Red, White and Something. But it’s those two toners from Detroit…. Oh, well.

    But as an aside, I was watching a bit of the Bloodhound Gang live on youtube last night, and the guitar player was wearing a Sens jersey. I think it was Alfie, but it was hard to tell. Hockey jerseys everywhere.

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