New Jerseys: Still Waiting

The NHL has introduced the new RBK EDGE jerseys and equipment system. Aside from having too many capital letters, boosting the price, and putting out this ridiculous site to promote them, I still have no clue what to think about them. I still haven’t really seen them.

There are flashy pictures around, with Sidney Crosby cut and cropped into a “cool, hip, what the kids like these days” background. There are pictures of them on mannequins, like what you would see in Macy’s. The “Frozen Moment” right now has the Eastern Conference jerseys hanging in the dressing room. (I’m not posting those pics, due to my ignorance of the legal permissions to do so, so make with the clicky linky)

What I have yet to see is the jersey in action. Nor have I seen the tuck-it-in-to-the-hockey-pants Rebook says they are designing for. So still, judgment has to wait.

I also will have to use my judgment, and not the players, since the marketing gods have seen fit to coach the players on what to say and how to behave. I can understand, since the NHL is a business, and getting the paying customer to cough up the cash (and plenty of it) for the new look jerseys is a cash cow (just ask Buffalo, who have had supply/demand issues with their new jerseys, even as the fan reaction to the new logo was very negative).

What I really want to do is see the new jeresys up close and personal, even try one on. I want to feel what the new fabric is like, what a “faster” jersey really means. And I want to see if I look good in one. Because you know, what else really matters? If they are tighter fitting, I may have to start doing some sit ups, or never buy another NHL jersey again.

I hope that this isn’t the Alamo for hockey jerseys. The cry going out, “Remember the Nike Swift.” Yep, war is hell. has a few articles with pictures.

EDGE aims to add extra protection

There are some serious lines in that article that can be pretty funny taken out of context:

“I think the biggest adjustment will be in the pants,” said Lidstrom.

OK, and

Sidney Crosby worked extensively this summer with Reebok officials to fine-tune the pants.

Right. I think that should be a marketing line for the HLOG. Sidney Crosby fine tunes the pants, HLOG goes crazy.

‘And it looks good!’ (in which the NHL tells us what we want, and AO and other players hit the buzz words and talking points.

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  1. Judging by alot of the tastes and preferences of HLOG though, alot of the ladies are rather indifferent to whatever Crosby fine-tunes 😛

  2. I’d probably cut off anything that moves on Crosby. Arms. Legs.

    Okay I’m not creepy.

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