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Since I’m watching the All Star Game, and popping around the blogs, I thought I’d put up my two cents. Jes is live-blogging the game, and Kukla’s has an open thread going. All Star Blogging. It’s just a fun night of hockey, or at least, it’s supposed to be. Here goes:

How long was the opening? I get it, we love our pomp and circumstance, but that was so long.

Lindy Ruff was shown smiling. It looked so wrong. That is the hard hitting investigative reporting I get watching Versus.

Rail Cam = Suck Cam. That thing is further behind the play than Malkin cherry picking the Youngstars game last night. What we need is TheoCam. What is TheoCam? This is from the HFBoards (originally posted by me):

TheoCam. Sits on a baseball hat, has a great view of the neutral zone, and doesn’t move very often (stares straight ahead). This camera is expensive to operate, but has the ability to make other, less expensive cameras look better. Includes a three month warranty, no money back guarantee, but can be returned to the store for half salary cap credit.

What the hell is Chuck Norris doing on an ASG broadcast? Oh, yeah, promoting his new fighting show on Versus. Freaking ridiculous. This is why Vs. looks like amateurs. If the league doesn’t say anything about that to Vs about that, forget any hope of credibility.

Who was the DJ at the start of the game?

First impressions of the new uniforms: They look silly in their pads. Mostly in the shoulder going into the arms. It looks like the players will have a hard time raising their arms much.

The outtake reel of the Alex O commercial was great, and could have been even longer. Funny stuff.

These refs suck! (I kid, I kid)

Brian Rolston is upping the Versus budget by hitting Marty Brodeur’s wireless mic with a slap shot. Good sound people know, always make sure the wireless mic is secure. I learned the hard way.

Brodeur is getting lit up. The Devils should think about trading him. (HA!)

I think Brodeur’s mic pack made more saves then he did. Let’s go , West! (doesn’t really roll off the tounge).

OK, someone at Versus may have severely misjudged the audience of the NHL fan in the US. We have a live country music performance by The Wreckers. If I didn’t want to turn off the game before, I do now. Horrid.

I do like the stage that floats down from the ceiling. They should do that in Nashville every few games. It is a music city.

Eddie O is forcing the point with Bettman. But, as ever, Bettman puts the happy spin on everything happening in the league. The sad part is, I agree with him on not making the scheduling change until after the 3 year cycle. Otherwise, that makes things even less fair than they already are.

Great quote from Turco after a goal for the East: “Hey, can you guys celebrate somewhere else?”

Turco is cracking me up. He sounds so calm, and at the same, a dry sense of humor. He is making this period really fun.

Damn, sounds like Turco’s mic has either fallen off or been sweated out. See, another connection between the NHL and musical theater.

There’s your controversy. Turco said, close to the end of the game, that if he let one in, he would get the win. And then, he let one in. Did he ho it to get the win?!?!?! (probably not, but it will make for some fun ribbing).

Briere wins the car, which makes sense, as he had 5 points in the game. I would give it to Turco, as he saved the broadcast from the boring Versus doldrums.

For as little as people care for this game, I had a good time watching it. Yesterday’s skills competition was a snoozer, I agree, but this was a good night. Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to watch the end of the Colorado Eagles vs. Laredo Bucks game. Two points on the line, ya know.

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  1. Agreed on the Rail cam…it’s slow and the angle is too tight. Innovation isn’t always a good thing :(

  2. They should work on getting the basics down before the innovating starts.

    The Heritage Classic was done so well with the rail cam.

  3. Ron McLean tried to force the issue on HNIC, too, but no dice. Gary’s got too many years of dodging questions to be suckered in a ten-minute segment.

  4. I agree that the RailCam is a little bit behind the play but I love it because the angles it captures are gorgeous.

    Okay, so it’s artistic and not practical but I’m still allowed to love it.

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