Avs vs Thrasher: huh…

I was considering plunking down the hard earned dollars to go to the game tonight at The Can, but decided against it. Instead, I spent the pregame surrounded by Avs fans at the downtown Old Chicago (the one with a non-descript Avs player painted on the side of the building), and the rest of the game around no one at the same Old Chicago.

At least they didn’t run out of beer. And Prince did not play during the intermission.

Jose Theodore got the start in goal. I could end my post there, but he made it one whole period. One. 3 goals on 11 shots. Budaj stepped in, allowing 2 goals on 20 shot. The fair thing to say is that Theo did not let in two soft goals (only the first one). The other fair thing to say is that Theo let in 3 goals on 11 shots, and did not make it past one period.

As far as I am concerned, the future is bright for the Avs, but the present is not. I feel the team has more talent than they are given credit for, but do not show it often enough. For some reason, the Avs do not reach down into the well that makes a team NHL caliber.

So, in summary, Kari played well, the Avs took a lot of shots without results, Budaj MAY be the goaltender of the future, May is not, and never was, the solution, the Avs could do worse than sign Samsonov off of waivers, and this post is not allowed to be quoted.

Thats is all.


  1. as much as i do like samsonov, i’d think y’all would be a little wary of taking any additional expensive underperformers from the habs.

    but i won’t quote anything.

  2. E – The only good thing about Samsonov to Colorado is that he would only be half salary for the Avs to take. Considering the third line forwards we have, the price is right, and he could be a good fit. If he’s going to ride pine for full price in Montreal, he might as well come here and skate.

    Also, the reason I didn’t want this quoted is that I hate seeing something I write posted in the Avs-haters blogs, with the context taken out. You, I have no worries about.

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