Going to ESPNZone, May Feel Dirty

Ever since the start of the season, I haven’t had much interest in ESPN.  Even though the falling out of the NHL and ESPN started as the lockout ended, this year, the love is not there between myself and the Boys from Bristol. 

Tonight, Altitude (the local cable sports channel owned by the Avs ownership) will be broadcasting from the downtown Denver ESPNZone.  Again, civic duty compells me to do the right thing and go, but something about it feels unclean.  I will report back later.

 Tomorrow starts a week of living at work, as the opera finishes it’s run, and the ballet starts moving in on Monday.  After that, I go to Ft. Myers, FL to do about a week and a half on tour.  Posts from here will get a little slow and strange.  I don’t even think I will be able to see any Avs games in Florida.  It could be the break I need, but I will most likely be flying as the trade deadline comes to a close.  It’s not easy being a hockey fan when you travel.  Unless you are traveling to a game.  Then it freaking rocks.


  1. Damn,I wish I would’ve checked into that a head of time. I would’ve come out. I used to practically lived at ESPN Zone when I lived in NYC for four months. It was really all about the ridiculous amount of TV’s they had and the fact that they’d put my Blues on if I asked nicely =)

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