Hope Springs in Turtles

The Czech hockey bar was a decent time tonight. The Avs-centric crowd was most likely at the game, or hiding their heads at their homes tonight. There was a contingent of Habs fans in the back, watching their team squeak past the Predators in the shootout. They were more vocal and active then the Avs fans tonight. Maybe it’s the time of the season, or maybe it’s being resigned to being out of the playoffs. Maybe it’s just being worn down by a team you have defended and cheered on and justified for all season long, and this is where you are at. When the guy next to me at the bar asked for his check, I taunted him. I told him how great it would be when the Avs came back, and how stealing two points after being down three to nothing was going to be so sweet. And that is when the Avs scored.

They gave me hope tonight. At least, hope to climb a little, hope they could pull off two points they didn’t deserve. Hope that two stale periods of hockey could be overcome, and a comeback could be mounted. The hope for the season is all but over, but to have a small victory, just two points that may not matter, two points that could put you up for a moment, two points you could look back on and see that the team you wanted so much for could have had at other times, it would have been so sweet.

The Avs have been a two period hockey team all season. Over and over, you could see it happening, two good periods, and one that gave the game away. Tonight, they were a one period hockey team. If that period would have come at the beginning, I could have had the standard night of confusion, frustration and aggravation I have had all season. But it had to come at the end, when all was supposed to be lost, when it was all over but the crying. They gave me hope, and then they dashed it.

The last thing I want to be is a sunny weather blogger. There are too many fans who only love a team when they win. Some of the fans at Le Can are like that, only active during a lead, and only cheering when they don’t look like they are backing a loser. I have heard fans booing the team they wear the jersey of, and they look ridiculous for it. That isn’t me. I am not a fan of a few of the players on the team, but at times, they all give me hope. Hockey is partially about hope. That hope, sometimes, comes along in the third period. And sometimes, like tonight, that hope is dashed. It sure is fun to ride that hope, though, no matter the outcome.

And if hope can spring in turtles, it can spring in me too.

(if you are wondering about the title, and are thinking, “hey, dumbass, that isn’t the saying,” I know. It comes from the most excellent comedian John Bowman. He toured with Louis Black for a while, and is funny as hell. If you have a chance, check him out, or pick up his CD. If you are a fan for the art form that is stand up comedy, he is a treasure)

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  1. Hey, thanks for the tip on the comedian-dude.

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