TDD: Umm… Yeah…

I flew into (sunny) Tampa, FL yesterday, drove down to Ft. Myers today, and just got around my laptop. The drive was filled with XM Radio, shouting, yelling, cheering, confusion, and insects. So I just have a little brain and awareness to post a few thoughts on the trades that happened:

Brad May: Good. Get out. I don’t care what you brought to the Avs. It would never be enough. The second biggest mistake of the Pierre Lacroix era (hint: number 1 had better get bought out this off season). Getting a third goalie is a good move, as there is no Kolesnik to step in anymore. The Avs were one injury away from dressing Tyler Weiman (who I like, but is not ready for the big time just yet).

Scott Parker: Huh. OK. He was with the Avs, racked up some PIM, and that’s great, but he only played 11 games this year for the Sharks, and 10 last season. So, huh.

Ryan Smyth: No matter what has happened to the Avs, no matter the goaltending issues, no matter missing the playoffs, no matter the boneheaded moves all around, Francois Giguere is not as big of a dumbass Kevin Lowe. Joe Sakic remains an Av.

Martin Biron: If I were Biron, I would be pissed as hell. He doesn’t get traded all year, he works hard, gets punched in the face by Ray Emery, and gets traded to the Flyers? Who are done in a few games anyways? Pissed. AND he got traded for a bag of pucks. Crazy.

Ty Conklin: He is the bag of pucks. Who in Buffalo is happy about this?

Todd Bertuzzi: Someone remind me to shake the hand of Jacques Martin in Florida. If I didn’t like the Red Wings before (and I did not), I have focus for my hate now. Thanks boys.

Boston must be pissed off about now, for trading away the team.

Dallas should be less quiet now.

Overall, a pretty good day. I have to sleep now. There are lizards outside, where yesterday, there was just snow. There is humidity, where there was dry. It’s all very confusing.


  1. Glad i finally found an avs blog i like. I agree with your Miartin Biron assesant, but As an Avs fan you should be thrilled. If he hates it in Philly, the Avs could make a run at him (if they can buyout Theodore’s contract. Hopefully they can). M.Biron is a solid #1 Goalie and let’s hope the Avs really make a push for him (and some D-men).

  2. I feel the same way about May. After watching him game after game I still have no idea what he actually does. Stastny-Hejduk will do perfectly fine without him- hell, they got Brett McLean a goal tonight.
    Not sure about going after Biron. I’d say give Budaj a little more time, and if it really isn’t working out then go after someone. He’s only 24 and has shown flashes of great goaltending.
    The Joe Sakic anyone-could-go trade rumors were hilarious.

  3. I live on the west coast so every once in a while I’ll get opponant announcers for Avs games I watch. the week before the deadline I got the Canucks announcers and they were basically making up Sakic-to-Vancouver rumors on the air (not so much the play-by-play guys, but the studio guys were). It was kind of embarrassing for them, mainly because Sakic is from that area, and that was the entire basis for the rumor.

    And like I said in my own blog this morning I think Budaj is pretty good, but I’d like to see him give up less rebounds in front of the net and push them to the corner more.

  4. Yeah, that’s where I was hearing them, too. I’m in Boston so occasionally I’m stuck listening to some random announcers point out that Sakic would be a great rental and that no one is out of the trade picture. Ridiculous.
    No doubt Budaj has to work on his game, particularly playing with some consistency. He hasn’t shown much this year, but during the good times he’s really impressed. I imagine that he’ll get better in all aspects with time, experience, and a more defensively competent team in front of him.

  5. See, I never believed that Sakic would be traded. Not for a moment. Who would trade Sakic, even though he is one a one year contract, and leave Theodore as the highest payed Av? Pierre Lacroix was a poor judge of what the fans wanted, and did the wrong thing in hiring May. I think FG understands that players like Sakic are putting butts in seats, as well as helping the team hockey-wise.

    Budaj is growing, and he is soooo much better than last year. Is he ready for the spotlight of officially being number one? Well, he kind of has been there this season, but I think he will be.

    If Biron is a good team goalie, I think he would fight for the number one position with Budaj in a healthy way.

  6. Yeah the Thought behind Biron is bring him in for a couple years and let Budaj develop some more, and make a judgement then.

    I think the best part of the offseason will be buying out Theodore’s contract, and going after a really good power play type D-man (like Souray from Mtt) and a big physical one, (maybe bring back Aaron Miller). Both are free agents who won’t command more than Turgeon and Brisbois (who have contributed 0 this year)

  7. Tapeleg says:

    Colin – The thought of buying out Theodore gives me warm fuzzies. IF they do not buy him out, there is going to be hell to pay by the fans.

    If anything, the Avs are going to be flush with salary cap cash next season. Contracts expiring, buyouts, no bonus money. It could be really good.

  8. I have heard that buying him out will not save that much salary next year. I am not sure if this is true, and I can’t find any info on this. So the GM COULD think “we’ll just have to get through this season and go with him as the backup and Budaj as the starter, and drop him at the end of next season since We will still be paying him some and take a cap hit if we buy him out anyways”

    I don’t agree with that thought at all, but could see a tiny tiny shred of logic behind it (especially if they have faith in Budaj).

    In saying that, I am hopeful that’s not the prevailing thought.

  9. Tapeleg says:

    Colin – From what I understand (from the laymen who have used calculators, maybe), a buyout would save the Avs 4 million in cap space. That is plenty for a solid number one, and more than enough for a solid 1B goalie. Aside from getting fans back on board with the Avs, it’s useful cash. If not, I would just freaking waive him and get half his salary back if anyone else wants him. I can’t imagine that, with the negative emotion shown by the Avalanche faithful, the locker room is very happy with the situation either. As much as there is gladhanding and smiles in interviews, the reality isn’t lost on the players.

  10. Hmm ok like i said I heard a different number, but it was in passing so it’s entirely possible the number i heard was completely wrong.

    Yeah if it’s 4M it’s a no-brainer to waive him. Martn Biron makes 2.138M right now, and should be able to be signed for about the same i would think. You could use the other 1.86M to put towards a good defense man. (here’s a good NHL Salary site)

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