Of All The Games To Go To…

Of all the games I could have gone to, I picked the right one.

This year, thanks to the time I have had, and my lack of financial responsibility, I have gone to the most games at the Pepsi Center ever. One of the things I hate about games at Le Can is how crowded it can get. Well, if you ever have the option, can I suggest you get a club level seat?

Club Level

That is not crowded. I would like to personally thank the entrepreneur \ self made businessman who talked himself down about half price on the ticket. The lines completely disappear on the club level. If I ever come into a large sum of money, I will be in the club level for the rest of my life.

Plus, you get a nice view of Denver.

View 1


Let’s talk pre-game. The biggest cheer:


The biggest boo:


Just look at his face. He knows. Yes, he knows.

So, what did the game look like?

View from the seats

Yeah, a bit like that. This next one is for Alanah.


But wait, there’s more:

More than Burrritos

So, what can I say?

The Avs won in overtime, and if there ever was a time to give up a point to earn one, this was it. The Sharks have no fear of the Avs, and are in the playoffs. Even if there is a chance they do not make it, and still have to play it out, they are in. We all know they are in. So, giving up one point to the Sharks does no harm.

Budaj and Sakic, although having very successful games, and getting some good stats, did not have great games. Sakic got an assist on each goal, and Budaj got the win (and an assist), but there were times where both caused some concern. Super Joe had a few bobbled plays that didn’t seem like the Joe of normal, and Budaj’s second goal was pretty worrisome. But both turned up the heat, and got the job done.

Line of the night came from behind me: “I haven’t been this drunk since the accident”

I swear, the beer on the club level is the same price as the rest of the joint, only bigger. If only the rest of life was like that.

The final goal was so wonderful, I can hardly describe it. I don’t think anyone expected it. I certainly didn’t. What a way to cap it off.

Cheechoo was pissed (seriously pissed) at the penalty he took that led to the game winning goal. Honestly, I don’t blame him. The reffing was different in the second and part of the third than the rest of the game. But, when the game is on the line, you better keep it clean, boys.

Stastny’s point streak ended tonight, but he still had a great game, playing hard and working hard behind the goal line. He still has his name in the record books, and stands on his own as a hockey player, apart from his dad.

The Avs pulled within 4 points of the final playoff spot. No matter what happens next, this is a fun ride. I make no predictions, I can only hang on for more games.

But, really, get a club level ticket. See how the other half lives.

BTW: all pics are clickable, if you need to see them bigger.  Need to supersize that buritto?

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  1. Amazing game. It must have been incredible to be there. You could hear people cheer wildly pretty much whenever Joe touched the puck, and the place erupted when they won. You must be good luck!

  2. I got the San Jose feed, and the announcers were saying what a great game it was. They also were kinda hard on Cheechoo for taking that penalty (when both my wife and I thought it was a little weak). However the Avs certaintly could have had a few other power plays earlier in the game when San Jose was looking like one of the clutch-and-grab teams that the NHL was supposed to get rid of.

    All-in-all it was a great game. It’s gonna be a fun ride

  3. I absolutely did need to supersize that Chipotle.
    Aren’t those floaty things distracting though? If the game was terrible you could always think of creative ways to deflate them to distract yourself I guess.

  4. Great pictures of Theodore and the view from the club level seat. That’s some mighty fine architecture If I may say so.

    I hate to say it but Go Avalanche.

    I’m on the bandwagon, just because of the awesomeness that is Joe Sakic. What a guy. As steady as a Mats Sundin, only more skilled.

  5. Ingmar- On the Avs bandwagon??? You should jump on the wagon of a team that is actually going to make the playoffs…like Vancouver!!!!

    Cool pics, Tapeleg. I haven’t been to a game all year. Those floating ad ‘balloons’ are silly! WTF?

  6. Those are some great pic, Tapeleg. I assume you took more… but in the drunken state they probably didn’t turn out too well :-)

    That shot of the city with the mountains in the background is killer. And I suddenly have a craving for a Chipotle burrito.

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