Why is Linda Cohn Writing about Hockey?

Over at ESPN.com, Linda Cohn is writing a column about hockey.  I looked at it for a few weeks when she started, but lost interest rather quickly.  While she is pretty good on SportsCenter, I have a hard time buying that she is a hockey fan.  Make her square off with Melrose and Bucci, and then we will talk. 

But this caught my attention.  From her March 23rd column:

Still, the women’s tournament got me thinking about the Ottawa Senators.

You and me both lady, you and me both.

Now, if you want to read about hockey from a woman’s perspective, might I recommend the HLOG (Hockey Ladies of Greatness). Then, sneek a peek at the list of writers who contribute and go to their blogs. 

See? There is no need for Linda Cohn to write about hockey. We already have some great writing by women. It’s one of the great things about the sport.  I see women who love hockey as much, and sometimes more, than men.  So many other major sports do not click with women, but hockey does.  When I hear a woman talk about being a football fan, there is usually an explanation that goes with it.  But with hockey, there is none offered, and none needed.  There is something about the sport that isn’t male-centric.  The female hockey fan kicks ass.

But Linda Cohn as a hockey writer does not.  Maybe if someone sent her a pink jersey, she’ll get the hint.


  1. I hate to say it, TL, but Cohn’s article is OK. I tend to agree with her Senators analysis. They are built for a longer playoff run now that they have more grit and a goalie who is ready for the postseason.

  2. Zan – Yeah, her article is OK, because she is a sports broadcaster. It is her lack of passion and that I do not believe her as a hockey fan that I take issue with. She can get details all night long, she reads them on air.

  3. Nothing against women’s basketball, but I’m a little unhinged by that comparison. I suppose her analysis makes good points but it’s hardly anything people haven’t said before.

    Thanks for the HLOG love, Tapeleg! But somehow I don’t think the pink jersey will do the trick.

  4. Sherry – Which is exactly my point. What she says is hardly new or insightful. Which would be OK if there was any passion behind it.

  5. Okay we should start copyrighting the use of the term HLOG. You want to use it, you pay. Plus it’ll pay for my trip over – if you don’t want your asses kicked by an angry me with a lead pipe. (That or the HLOG singles dating agency Sherry – you pick)

  6. Jordi – Wait a minute. So our choices are, 1) pay to use the term HLOG, or 2) go on a date with Sherry?

    Umm… I think Sherry is going to be a lot more busy all of a sudden.

  7. Hey, I’m not into screwing nice people out of their money or subjecting them to the torture that is an evening with me. Besides, Battle of Ontario is already having a hard enough time trying to find me a date.

  8. Sherry – How many blogs are trying to find you a date? The problem is, who has time with the playoffs coming up? Either you are too busy for the playoffs, or your team are losers. Not good choices.

    Jordi – It’s no small burden to have a good idea and carry it out. You will be doomed to share HLOG with the world for life now. I had posted before about a drunken hockey blog idea. I could do it all male, and call it HDOG (hockey dudes of granduer). What do you think?

  9. Tapeleg – Just the one so far. Jordi’s been talking about auctioning off the HLOG ladies for awhile now but I think it’s just smokes and mirrors from her. And exactly, I have absolutely no time for dates once the playoffs role around unless the date includes the playoffs. Which will probably get expensive so you mind as well pay the fee =P

    And why does the drunken blog have to be all male, that’s certainly not be very inclusive!

  10. You mean I put in all this effort in making a group blog just to find out my members aren’t willing to do anything I tell them to!? How the hell am I going to make money out of this? I need money FOR the playoffs!

    The dating agency came along when someone got a marriage proposal (and so did HG but she’s happily married). I’m the organiser by the way, I ring the bell and ringing’s a full time job.

    Don’t be fooled boys, Sherry’s a very sweet pleasant girl – kind to animals, likes to cook appetizers while you watch your game and doesn’t mind the fact that you’ve kissed that Crosby poster more than you’ll kiss a woman.

  11. Sherry – Drunken Hockey Blog doesn’t have to be just the guys. I would have to do a seperate HDOG though. Maybe I could call it HWAD (Hockey Writing and Drinking). Hmm…

    Jordi – Kissing the Crosby poster? Creepy.

  12. doesn’t mind the fact that you’ve kissed that Crosby poster more than you’ll kiss a woman.

    I absolutely do mind. I mind a lot in fact!

    How many blogs have to try to set me up before my social life officially becomes “sad”?

  13. Umm… Do you want an answer to that?

  14. Don’t worry Sherry, just wait till you meet Mr Dreamy behind Door number 2!

    The more I try to read HDOG it becomes HDAWG.

  15. Tapeleg – No…I sort of had an inkling one was too many already.

    Jordi – I don’t trust anybody that would willingly want to date me.

    How about HMOA – Hockey Men of Awesomeness?

  16. HMOA doesn’t sound as manly as HDOG.

  17. HMOS – Hockey Men of Superness?

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