Still Life with Hockey Nerd: Sakic Edition

Still Life Sakic
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These are the limited edition “dome” pucks made in honor of Joe Sakic. This is also the closest I will ever get to having Joe Sakic drinking with me. On the left is 7-Up. On the right, Bekerovka, a Czech liqueur. I would tell you what it tastes like, but I don’t remember.


  1. Katie says:

    Beautiful. If I were to drink (or otherwise interact with) Joe Sakic, it wouldn’t end well. I would pass out, either from awe or because I forgot to breathe.
    That Czech liquer intrigues me. It’s a pity you don’t remember it, though I guess that just adds to the intrigue.

  2. Tapeleg says:

    Katie – Actually, I do know what it tastes like. It tastes like christmas meets hockey. Crazy stuff. The 7-Up after helps for the after taste.

  3. Tapeleg says:

    Colin – Thanks

    Greg – I like it better than that sounds. I don’t think you are selling it well. Maybe we should just say, it’s what Czechs drink before and after hockey.

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