1. megmegmeg says:

    See, if the pads weren’t solid yellow, you would not be able to locate the five hole so easily. They are like big yellow caution signs, warning you which way to shoot the puck. Fleury should use the extra time he has gained by not continuing in the playoffs to order new pads, (maybe you could design a new pad pattern by nibbling off some of the yellow peep coating.)

  2. Sherry says:

    I always gathered that the big yellow pads were to blind the shooter so that they would miss the net. Perhaps that would explain the Senators’ amazing number of missed shots during the series.

    Still, not complaining. That bunny looks absolutely petrified.

  3. Tapeleg says:

    M3 – Man, you do hate those pads. But, I happen to agree.

    S – Yes, he does. He looks so like he’s hiding behind his jersey. His 5 hole is so big, his crest is pushed up into his face. Not so good, eh?

  4. Colin S. says:

    I think what I like best about this representation, is that you have the eyes right. Fleury seems a little overwhelmed by being the most important player on the ice doesn’t he?

  5. Jordan says:

    Wow, you guys are losers, he’s practically the best goalie in the world and your critzing him, he’s 22 years old. You guys probably havn’t touched a hockey stick in your life

  6. yo mama says:

    yo mama. fleury is a friggin pimp sickle on rye. YEAH BOII. u wish u were as pimp. BUT U ARENT. i dont like u, and i wish bad juju upon u. u dont deserve life. his 5 hole looks fine 2 me. YO MAMA

  7. amelie (yo mama's name) says:

    yo. ur all jealous of the mad skills of the penguins. there gonna win the stanley, and fleury is gonna help them do it.

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