A View From the Peep Seats

Japer’s Rink is working on a fun project, called “The View from your Playoff Seat” I’ll let them tell you:

Two Caps bloggers experiencing the Stanley Cup playoffs vicariously through others; send us your playoff pictures here. It doesn’t matter if your view is from the lower bowl or the local pub, we want to see what you see.

So I sent in my picture today, but I figured I would put it here too.

(click any picture to make bigger, such detail)

My View of Playoffs

Of course, I only sent one picture, so here are a few more.

It’s like they are afraid of the puck.

Cheap Seats

Can you tell which one is St. Louis and which one is Lecavalier?

St Louis and Lecavalier

Yes, that is Pierre McGuire on the bench.

Pierre McGuire Between the Benches

As I mentioned in my email to Japer’s Rink, don’t ask how long it took to do this, I want to keep what little dignity I still have. I have a few other pictures of my viewing environment, as I have three places to watch the games (Czech hockey bar, Pizza joint, and home). Maybe more to come.


  1. why are the bunny-devils on the bench not wearing their uniforms?

    also, st. louis looks pretty tired. do you think it’s all the minutes, or has he been hiding an injury?

  2. Devils don’t have uniforms because of a little time crunch, and, being the Devils, do not deserve my attention (Zing!).

    St. Louis does look tired. I think his short little legs got quite a work out.

  3. Hahaha he looks sad and dejected. When do these things go out of season? That will be a sad day.

  4. Katie – They are already out of season, since it’s past Easter, but I find that if you keep them sealed in plastic bags, they last quite a while. Also, since I don’t eat the spoils of war, I don’t mind if they get a little dry.

    You would be surprised at how many I have now that I have been doing this. In fact, I found a few yesterday, and they were only 25 cents. Can you beat that? Talk about cheap fun.

  5. St. Louis is definitely hiding an injury. Look at that, he doesn’t even have legs to stand on anymore.

  6. i can just picture the press conference:

    tortorella: yeah, marty suffered a minor lower-body injury in the last game, but it’s nothing serious and we fully expect him to be back for next season.

    [st. louis goes by in a wheelchair]

    reporter: but… uh… he doesn’t have any legs anymore?

    tortorella: what, you’re a doctor now? you some kind of medical expert? you think you know hockey injuries? fuck you. marty’s a tough guy! he’ll get through this!

    reporter: but…

    tortorella: shut up!

  7. hockeychic says:

    I love this! I’m so glad you didn’t give the Devils any jerseys on the bench. You are right, they don’t deserve them! I know my team is one of your trifecta of evil…so I can hardly wait to see what you do to them with the peeps.

    I agree with you on Jersey, they are evil. I refer to them as the Evil Empire.

  8. St louis looks really tired.. those are some pathetic peez players lol

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