Well, the hockey gods are not smiling on me at the moment. So far, all three of my Trifecta of Evil have made it past the first round of the playoffs. The Wings, the Sad Red Wings Wannabes (Canucks), and Devils have all advanced to round two, which means I have to watch them more.

With all due luck, the hockey gods will not smile on all of the hubris being slung by some of the bloggers. An amazing amount of PCS (Puffy Chest Syndrome) is on display. Go check it out.

So, let’s look see what the GBU has to say:


Turco did not choke. Not one bit. Three shutouts? .955 SV% going into game 7? Folks should shut it. He only chokes against the Avs. Just the way I like it.

Ducks advance. I’m cool with that.


The Trifecta moves on, making having to watch them the only choice I have. I love hockey, but if these three teams aren’t losing, I’m going to have a hard post-season.

The way the Flames behaved was dumb as hell. For every step forward the game and league takes forward, asshat moves like this crap takes two steps back.

Seriously, bloggers. You didn’t score the goal. Give me a break.


Having to watch the Trifecta. There better be some losing going on.

So, here is the cheering section.

Go Ducks!!!

Go Sharks!!!

Go Buffa-Slugs!!!!

Go Ottawa!!!!

I may have thrown up in my mouth a little.

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  1. Well I was cheering for Vancouver last night. As I’ve said before my trifecta of evil is definantly Detroit, Dallas and well I can’t think of a third again. Obviously not really evil.

    So eventhough I feel good for Turco, who by all accounts seems like a good guy, This Vancouver franchise stopped being evil as soon as Burke, Crawford, and Bertuzzi got ran out of town.

    Silly Canucks, Cups are for Avs.

  2. Yeah, I need to do a post about the Evil Canucks thing. But Dallas loses to the Avs all the time in the playoffs, so it’s hard to worry enough about them to hate them.

    Silly Canucks, Cups are for Avs

    Too true.

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