Devils Done, Lou Looks Ludicrous, Film at Five

Well, that makes two-thirds of my trifecta of evil couch potatoes. I don’t have much pity and interesting to say about tonight’s game, so I will point you to someone who does. This post from Drop the Puck says it all. It even has lots of pictures for Devils fans who can’t see through the tears (snarky? me?). In Lou who trusts?

Now, if the Sharks can kick it in the ass, I could be a happy man.

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  1. I too, am happy the Devils lost. Though I despise Beezer’s commentary on Vs., he did have some good things to say last night in saying that Lou needs to be held accountable. I am not holding my breath until this happens. Darth Lou and the Evil Empire have been vanquished!

  2. Tapeleg says:

    Who is going to hold him accountable? The fans love Lou, and there is no one who can touch him. The media is just water off a ducks back.

    But I’ll tell you this, I wouldn’t want to work for the guy. Not without a four year contract. Then, if you want to fire me after year one, go for it, pal. I’m rolling in it.

  3. I agree, I don’t see who would want to work for him but I guess if the $$ is right….

  4. I thought his firing of the coach was a terrible terrible move. I think the most teeling argument for that is how well the top opponants lines played against the Devils all playoffs.

    In the first round the best line in Hockey was LeCavelier- St. Louis- Richards.

    In the second round the best line in the league was Spezza-Heatly-Alfredsson.

    This despite NJ having MAdden and Pandolfo (selke winner/finalist) and a good group of D, and a good goalie (who looked very bad). Yeah this was coaching and the complete inability to have a scheme designed to take out the other teams top line.

    Lou screwed this one up

  5. hockeychic says:

    Colin – you are right on. Lou could not adjust his team to counter the Sens. I just do not understand firing your coach at that point. I can sort of understand when he fired Ftorek because the Devils were in a huge slide but to fire Julien that close to the playoffs?

    I still doubt that he will be held accountable.

  6. What did you do? Take a vacation?

  7. Tapeleg says:

    DLS – Yeah, sort of. I have these little slumps every so often, especially when work picks up. This week saw the end of the Opera I was working, along with moving Wicked into a theatre. Plus, I have a few other things I going on, which I can blog about Tuesday. Sorry for the pause in service, I’m coming back.

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