Open Thread: Comment Away

Something a little different. Let’s open up the comments here for some playoff chatter. But, there are a few rules:

No trolls

No crying

Other then that, go to town. This is a discussion, let’s talk.


  1. megmegmeg says:

    When it is time to pull a goalie, it is time to pull a goalie. You play the “Bad Day” song and you get him out of there. This is my message to the Sharks.

  2. Tapeleg says:

    I fully expect Toskala to start next game. Nabby had a few he should have had, and one that was the defense more than him, but if Wilson doesn’t put Toskala in to spark some interest in his team, I will be surprised.

  3. I wonder when Ray Emery is going to get some credit for being a good, solid goaltender. Everything I’ve read in the papers and major websites about the series between the Sens and the Devils has been fairly critical, or at least non-favorable about him. In his duel with Brodeur, it was always the Devils goalie who got the good press, despite playing pretty poorly through a few of the games.

    The Senators had another great year and a great record, and Emery’s been the main man the entire time. I wonder if it will take winning the Cup for him to get his due.

  4. Any thoughts on what is going to happen in today’s Rangers/Sabres game? Home ice has been everything in this series. Chris Drury being Chris Drury and me still shaking my head on the fact that the Avs traded him away. I’ll never understand that one.

  5. Tapeleg says:

    DLS – Brodeur had a few nice things to say about emery after game one or two, but changed his tune later, probably when his back was against the ropes.

    HC – I think today will be the end of the Rangers, but not by much. The Sabres just have not been playing up to their potential. I don’t know why, but they act like there is another gear left they aren’t using.

    That being said, I am rarely right in my predictions. But I have a hard time believing this series is going to game 7.

    The Drury trade is something Avs fans will never understand. The only thing I could imagine is there were some behind the scenes issues. Like Lacroix and he not getting along.

  6. It seems like the Rangers have the momentum early, Sabres look a bit flat. I don’t like afternoon hockey games as it always seems like it takes the players a bit to get going.

    The Drury/Yelle trade…Perhaps there was something behind the scenes, a la Scott Young.

    Brett Hull called out Brodeur today, saying that he did not play well. I don’t think it is all Brodeur’s fault that the Devils lost. You don’t get shots on net, you are not going to win.

  7. Tapeleg says:

    I didn’t get to see the game last night, thanks to having to work the Opera, but if you get three on Brodeur, you had better win. From what I have read, the Devils fans are treating it like the Canucks series against the Ducks, the goalie did what he could, but the rest of the team were garbage.

    Sabres are coming out with a little more speed, but they seem to be gripping their sticks a little tight. If they can loosen up a little, I think they can take back the game. The Rangers were chasing the Sabres so much in the first half of the period, they couldn’t get their groove on. This is a better game then I expected.

  8. Wow, I think the Sabres have this. Way to command a period. Telling stat, when the Sabres have lost, Drury has no points, when they win he has lots of points. Rangers are in trouble.

    On the other hand, I do feel that the Wings are in trouble with the injury to Schneider. I think they will get past the Sharks but I think this will deplete the defense just too much. Kronwall is still not available and it doesn’t look like Lebda is ready so they will have another minor leaguer playing D. Not good. Hope it was o.k. to add a comment about the Wings. :)

  9. Tapeleg says:

    Sure, add Wings comments. It’s more insightful than most of the Wings comments I get here (you suck, Avs suck, I like beef). Schneider was taking a lot of penalties, so it may not hurt that bad. I thought Lebda was going to be back for game 6 (or has the potential to be back). Still, I’m pulling for the Sharks, not only because the Wings would lose, but because I want to see a Battle of California.

    Rangers are totally in trouble. Dead team skating.

  10. Tapeleg says:

    Hey, the Rangers are playing London Calling by the Clash for a stop in play. That kicks ass.

  11. OOh, I was loving that Clash too!

    What hurts about Schneider is his cannon shot and his ability to shoot from the point. Besides Lidstrom, the Wings do not have a lot of players who can do this. He was a monster on special teams and was the hero of Game 4. I don’t remember him taking as many penalties as Stupid thug head Bertuzzi (spit after I say that name) but that could just be my Wings’ colored glasses.

    Rangers – dunzo unless Jagr can find some super heroics, I doubt it at this point.

  12. Tapeleg says:

    Jagr looks like he is resigned to lose. They had a closeup of him, and you could see the vacation being planned. Sabres vs. Ottawa? Too early to say?

  13. Tapeleg says:

    Umm. You were saying about Jagr?

  14. Hmm, maybe the Rangers aren’t quite done yet.

  15. Nevermind, Rangers are done.

  16. Tapeleg says:

    Are they?

  17. Well they certainly made it interesting. I must admit I got chills when all the Rangers gathered at Center Ice after the handshake to salute the crowd, that was cool. Kind of sorry to see this series end, I think it has been the most exciting of all the Semifinals and I would have liked to have seen a Game 7.

  18. Tapeleg says:

    I didn’t think the Rangers would have had such an easy time of the Thrashers, but I didn’t think the Sabres would have such trouble with the Rangers, either. That was a hell of a game, almost the perfect game for NBC to broadcast.

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