Come On, Ducks!!!

With the Avs out of the playoff race, I had to pick my bandwagons. From the beginning, I was hoping for a Nashville – Anaheim Conference Final, with a Buffalo – Ottawa East. But Nashville decided they didn’t want it that bad, and so I was hoping for a true Battle of California. San Jose, why did you quit playing? What was wrong with you? While the conference in the east came out how I wanted, once both teams were in the Conf finals, I achieved a zen like state of blissful ignorance about them. No matter who won, I was OK with it (even if I was secretly pulling for Buffalo just a teeny tiny bit).

But Ducks – Red Wings. This is a whole other story. I want things to happen to the Wings, like elbows to the head (check), checks into the bench (check), and demoralizing goals in the last seconds of games (super check). I want to see Bertuzzi looking down at the ice, wondering where it all went wrong. I want to see Giguere thrust his arms in the air in victory. I am ready for the Red Wings season to be over.

Yesterday, between shows, I was able to watch the game from backstage. The last ten minutes was a tension filled time for me, while the rest of the company was off having lunch/dinner or taking a nap before the final show of the day. When the puck went in off Lidstrom’s stick, I couldn’t help yelling “Yes!!!” I yelled it a lot. And as the cast came back, and we had to prep microphones, I was sure the Wings were going to score when I wasn’t looking. But when I was looking, Selanne roofs it on the backhand, and I found myself jumping up and down, running around backstage yelling, “Ducks Win, Ducks Win!!!” A few of my new coworkers thought I was a little screwy, but the ones who had dealt with me before knew I was always this screwy.

I hope, I pray, I quiver with anticipation, for a Game 6 loss by the Wings. Ending the series now, Ducks versus Ottawa, would make for some great hockey. I’m tired of watching the Red Wings. I think their season should be over. I think it will be soon.

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  1. I love how easily disdain for Detroit can spin into Duck association. But I’m not picky, we’ll take all the rooters we can get.

    Go Ducks.

  2. Same here, buddy! I jumped off my couch when Selanne scored. I then realized just how much I want Detroit to be golfing in about 3 days!

  3. I am not ready for my team to be golfing yet. I hope they can at least bring a Game 7 back at the Joe. Though I am feeling more pessimistic after yesterday’s loss. That was a very tough one to swallow and I’m not sure the team can rebound from that. I always (with the exception of this series)enjoy watching Selanne and Andy McDonald though I can’t stand Chris Pronger and don’t want him back in the SCF, especially at the expense of my team.

    I threw a pillow yesterday when Selanne scored. It was not in celebration.

  4. My wife and I cheered pretty loudly for Selanne. I am all aboard the Duck express, well until the finals at least.

    So let’s go Ducks

  5. I think it’s extremely interesting that Detroit polarizes hockey fans so much. On one side you have Red Wings fans, who are well-known for their belligerence and nastiness both in public and on the internets. On the other side you have every other hockey fan in the world, who, regardless of their own favorite team, will root for whoever is playing against the Wings at the time.

    No other team in the NHL is so regularly rooted AGAINST than the Red Wings. I guess during some years that has motivated them. Hopefully this year it wears them down.

    Go Ducks!

  6. hockeychic says:

    DLS, do you really think the Red Wings are the only team that is actively rooted against? What about the Rangers and the Flyers? Or in Canada, the Leafs and the Canadians are pretty poloarizing. I think some of it has to do with success (I don’t mean this in a bragging way at all), the Wings have (arguably) been one of the more successful franchises over the last decade. There are lots of bandwagon fans and lots of obnoxious fans for the Wings – I agree but having been on the other end of some pretty horrible treatment from Avalanche fans I would say you made a pretty sweeping generalization there.

  7. Tapeleg says:

    HC – I have to agree with DLS. Only? No. Biggest? Yes. I have to wonder if some of it is the Wings being shoved down the throats of America for so long, just like the Leafs were on HNIC for so long (and still are). As for obnoxious fans, every team has them.

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