Jersey Post: Game Worn Dynamo 2

The Russian Super League seems to have a special place in my jersey collection. For some reason, the designs of these jerseys, along with the writing, appeal to my sense of the unique and different. Usually, these are the jerseys that get the most conversation out of people. Hockey fans stop and ask about them, and people have even stopped and spoken Russian to me (I don’t speak any other languages, so I get confused pretty quickly. Still, I love the jerseys. This one is a little bit of a fluke, as it was bought for me without knowing anything about the player. But as it turns out, it’s very fitting.

Game Worn Dynamo Front

The jerseys is a Game Worn Moscow Dynamo. It was worn by Yuri Babenko. When this jersey was given to me, I had no idea who had worn it. After I found out his name, I found out he was a second round pick of the Colorado Avalanche in 1996. Even though he only played three games with the Avs, it makes for an unusual Avalanche jersey.

Game Worn Dynamo Back

From my other Moscow Dynamo jersey post, I found out the large logo on the front, and the red letters on the back say Russian Federal Insurance. The D on the front is the Moscow Dynamo logo. The jersey was made by Lutch. I believe there was some dispute as to the design of the jersey, and who the primary logo should be, with this being the outcome, but I don’t really know. If anyone can shed some light on that, let me know.

More jerseys soon, including Russian, USA Juniors, and others.


  1. Yes, this Dynamo jersey (from ’03-’04, if I remember correctly) is a re-design, coming after the previous design which you’ve already posted.

    The insurance company that was the team’s primary sponsor didn’t like their logo as a small patch near the collar bone, so the team switched to jerseys with the sponsor’s full logo on the front.

    Again, very soft and confortable material.

  2. Tapeleg says:

    BB – It really is soft. One of the softest I own. If I get the JAHL jerseys made, I think I may go through Lutch for the job. There’s something special about the jerseys.

    Do you know of a site that has the Dynamo jersey history? I really want to know about the designs.

  3. Very Nice

  4. “Do you know of a site that has the Dynamo jersey history? I really want to know about the designs.”

    Lutch’s actual Russian web site (not or used to show all the different versions of the jerseys they manufactured for Dynamo, Spartak, etc., but I can’t get at the web site now. All I get is an “under construction” message, and can’t even tell if I’m at the right place anyway.

    Most of what you need to know is: prior to 2001 or so, most Russian jerseys were really ugly, and made out of shitty coarse mesh material. So, if you’ve seen the Dynamo jerseys from ’03 and onwards, which I think you have, you’ve pretty much seen all that’s worth seeing.

  5. Wouldn’t have known that it was an insurance company, just that it was something Russian and State (Rossijskij + Gosudarctvennyj). Good to know.

    I’m definitely not a fan of having corporate sponsors be the primary logo on a jersey. I can stomach a lot of things (and this is hardly egregious, given how some Swedish and Czech jerseys look), but that just feels like the total prostitution of the team in favour of Big Business. While that may be a reality of post-Soviet Russia, I sure as hell hope that sort of “captialist spirit” never finds its way over here.

    Now you’ve got me curious about the feel of the material. I remember being stunned by how soft Nashville’s Godawful third jerseys are (the only selling point, really, at that colour), so I wonder if anyone can say how it compares.

  6. “Rosgosstrakh”, the Russian National Insurance Agency.

    They don’t seem to be involved with Dynamo anymore as a sponsor, however.

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