UFA Day / Canada Day post

Happy Canada Day!!!

Again, I wonder why the NHL puts Canadians through UFA day on Canada day. It just doesn’t seem fair. You should be able to enjoy Canada day without all the hand wringing and cursing. Maybe that’s just me.

My UFA thoughts will start here. Don’t look to me to break anything, there are plenty of other places to do that. I’m just here to have a good time.

11:00 AM Mountain Time: One hour in and nothing. Sure, Thornton gets an extension, but whoopide-do. Nothing. I’m listening to 590 the Fan, and they have nothing, other than the firm belief that nothing on this earth will help the Leafs compete for the Cup. It helps me to understand the attitude of the Toronto hockey fan.

Noon MDT: And after two hours of free agency, we have one signing. Todd White signs with Atlanta for 4 years. Wow. Whatever. I’m going to go get some donuts.

12:13 PM MDT: And back from getting donuts. Still waiting for something.

12:22 PM MDT: Finally, we see some movement. Brett McLean is no longer an Av. Brett is following the money to Florida, or at this point, the years, as he gets a three year sentence with the Panthers. I don’t think I’ll miss him that much. Dude was OK, but didn’t light me on fire. Also, Tom Poti continues his NHL career where players go to die in the East, with the Capitals. Four years, which I’m sure is pretty important to him.

1:00 PM MDT: 3 hours of free agency down, and nothing has lit my ass on fire yet. Mathieu Schneider gets two years for a whole bunch of money. Too much money in my book. Over 5 million when you just spent so much on JS Giguere? Seems like an overpayment to me. But hey, if you can get it, go for it. Still no action for the Big 4, and that is what everyone is really waiting for. I’m ready to turn off the radio for now.

1:45 PM MDT: One of the Big 4 are reported to have found their new homes. Daniel Briere is going to be a Flyer for the rest of his life (reportedly 8 years for $6 to 7 million a year). Briere going to the Flyers is interesting, with Biron already there in goal. It looks like the Flyers are taking their rebuilding seriously. From zero to a hero?

2:07 PM MDT: Brian Rafalski is a Red Wing. I now hate him (as much as I can hate anyone). Also, there are too many rumors swirling around Scott Gomez to say anything at all. Calgary and Edmonton have both signed defensemen. Nothing else for now.

2:41 PM MDT: Yanic Perreault is a Blackhawk. One year deal, so at least he doesn’t have to stay long.

3:54 PM MDT: Not much going on right now. Nothing to special in the West (where my attention lies). Except Adrian Dater saying Ryan Smyth may soon be an Av. How crazy would that be? I’ll believe it when I see it.

5:00 PM MDT: Shutting down the laptop, and heading out the door for the airport. I won’t get any updates until I get to Louisville, unless someone emails me or leaves me a comment. If something happens, someone let me know. More later tonight.

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  1. I refuse to even let myself contemplate the Smyth rumors. I’d just be setting myself up for heartbreak.

  2. Presume you got my e-mail, but just in case– Hannan to Avs, 4 years/18 mil.

  3. Tapeleg says:

    Yep, I sure did. I tried to email you back but my phone suckz. It ain’t no Treo. So, does this mean the Avs are going with the Anaheim model?

  4. And there you have it. Ryan Smyth of the Avalanche.

    Feels kind of weird to type that, though I have a feeling getting accustomed will be enjoyable.

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