Spending the Caah

To any and all bloggers, readers, hockey fans, or anyone who cares to complain:

Last season, the Avalanche were behind the salary cap by 4.6 million, thanks to bonus money owed to Rob Blake and Joe Sakic. Bonus money that was agreed to before the new CBA, by the way. This season, that monkey is off the Avs backs, and therefore – and this is the important part –


Can you imagine that? Thanks to the constraints of last season, this season they had some extra cash laying around, which allowed them to get back into the game. And the whole parity thing comes around again. They were crap last season, they have a shot this one. It isn’t about having money to burn, it’s about having it available to spend.

So, while people are complaining about the Avalanche spending lots of money, remember that last year, they couldn’t spend as much as twenty nine other teams. This season, they could. You didn’t cry for us last season, don’t cry at us this one.

Here endeth the lesson.


  1. Excellent point Tape

  2. And there’ll be an extra 5 million where that came from once Theo’s contract is off the books next year. Not too shabby.

  3. Tapeleg says:

    Jibb – Yeah, it doesn’t seem that tough, does it?

    Shane – Which I touch on in tomorrow’s post , “Hey, Stop Complaining about the Cash!”

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