Very Excited for Pizza


A little too excited, perhaps? From a Colorado Eagles game, in the CHL.

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Spiderman on a Zamboni

You only wish I had a better picture of that.

My photo archives rock.

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Canucks Jersey Tells All, Other Jersey Talk

John at Boltsmag turned me on to this one, and I laughed so hard, it would be hard not to share.


The image came from the HFBoards, so I should be cool putting it up here. I think it speaks for itself. All it needs is a map with driving directions.

Update: Oh yeah, other talk.  Later.

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Attack of the Hockey Kitten!!!

Hey, look at that…


I can attack it…

Or… I can’t attack…



NHL Money Grab? Say It Ain’t So!!!

Ed Willes of The Province talks about what he thinks is greed in the NHL. Come on, Ed, you don’t really mean that, do you?

Now, they don’t even try to hide it. They just rely on the paying customers’ unreasoned ability to absorb the bloated costs of their game.

Do we exaggerate? You tell me. In 1994-95, according to Team Marketing Report, the NHL’s average ticket price was $33.49. In ’98-99 it was $42.78. Two years later it was $47.70, which was about the point Team Marketing stopped including premium seating in its numbers.

Well, when you put it that way…

Then along came Mark Spector of the National Post, who dug up a confidential NHL memo last season which contained more eye-popping data. Among other things, the memo reported average ticket prices had risen by 5.9 per cent from ’05-06 to ’06-07 around the league and 26 of 30 clubs raised ticket prices last season.

The document also revealed the league’s average ticket price was a whopping $52.31 US.

Hey, wait. What?

Want more? The Edmonton Oilers raised their tickets an astonishing 21.4 per cent last season after their 2006 Stanley Cup run. The six Canadian teams also raised their ticket prices by an average of 8.7 per cent last season which, when coupled with the pumped-up Canadian dollar, explains why all six teams were in the league’s top-12 revenue producers.

HOLY!!!!!! OK, OK, breathe, TL, breathe. At least there aren’t any poor intentions with these jerseys, right? I mean, the NHL is pure of heart an soul with the new duds, right? Right?

The Ottawa Senators unveiled new jerseys with a new logo this summer and the replica models are going for $130 Cdn, while the “pro-authentic” number goes for $300. The Canucks jerseys, for their part, are $97.51 and $474.59.

I think I just threw up in my own mouth. Read the rest of the article. It’s worth it.

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Theodore… Whatever

Just when you thought the Theodore saga couldn’t get any stupider, this from the Denver Post:

Avalanche goalie Jose Theodore will miss at least some of the team’s upcoming training camp after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery Wednesday.

Wait, now? NOW? The guy is getting a ton of cash, is going to be a cheering section for Peter Budaj, and he waits until now to have knee surgery?

“Before it became a problem in the season, he had a minor scope to clean things up, and it went fine,” Avalanche media relations director Jean Martineau said.

Does that mean they knew this was coming? Did it just crop up? This has all the earmarks of the Jordan Leopold situation last year. Will it last as long? Is the Great Cap Himself going to make himself more useless than before?

Theodore, 30, missed one game in the 2004-05 season with a knee injury, but otherwise has not had knee problems in his career. His most serious injury was a broken heel bone that caused him to miss significant time in the 2005-06 season.

Slipping on the ice on his driveway. I just like bringing that up.

Theodore enters the final year of a contract that will pay him $6 million, making him the Avalanche’s third-highest-paid player. But he was expected to be the backup goalie to Peter Budaj. If Theodore misses much of training camp, it could open an opportunity for prospects Michael Wall, Trevor Cann and Tyler Weiman.

None of whom are ready for prime time. All of the Avs goalies need some seasoning in the minors, even Wall (who has the greatest goalie name ever), who was traded to the Avs for Brad May (talk about an upgrade!). I wouldn’t call any of this a good thing, unless one of the AHL goalies turn on the heat really quickly. I’m not the biggest Theodore fan, but you go with what you have, and it isn’t like we have a choice in the matter. Then again, it isn’t like we have one now.

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Taste the Hockey



Feed readers:  If you don’t see the picture, click here.  It’s a visual thing.

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Outdoor Game Within Reach

On January 1st, 2008 the NHL will attempt to recreate the atmosphere and excitement of the Heritage Classic game by having another outdoor game between the Buffalo Sabres and the Pittsburgh Penguins. The game will be held at the Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, NY. As it turns out, I have the day off, and no show until 7:30 PM on the 2nd. And I happen to be in Detroit at the time. The drive time is about five hours, and I can tell you, five hours is nothing for a hockey game. Looks like I’ll be keeping a close eye on tickets.

Other Bloggers: Off Wing Opinion

While in Charlotte, I took a little trip to DC to visit Eric McErlain. Eric blogged a little about it here, but this is the photographic evidence.


And, I should say, what a crappy ass stadium the Washington Nationals have to play in. Sorry, but it’s true. We had great seats, but there wasn’t much else worth bragging about in this place.

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Just Got Drafted

A little fun, and experimenting on the new TapeBook.

Just Got Drafted Cropped

Yeah, I think this is going to be a good year for hockey blogging.

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