Lightning Put Fear in my Heart

After seeing the new Tampa Bay Lightning jerseys that were unveiled today, I had one thought…

“Please, don’t let the Avalanche screw up this bad.”

I just don’t get it. Do we need a modern era of hockey jerseys? When (most) any fan of the game from the 70s would tell you that it isn’t a jersey, it’s a sweater, you have to wonder if we need something that looks like a bad science fiction outfit.

Someone needs to stop these people.

Wanna see? Hide the children and click here.

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  1. I think your comment nails it. This has been the truth for most of the off season… There has been love expressed for the jersey by Lightning fans but a lot of hate for the logo… It seems this whole Edge thing is going to go down as a huge marketing nightmare in the NHL history books. Changing logos and uniforms for change sake just doesn’t work and that’s what’s being done to most NHL teams.

  2. megmegmeg says:

    Maybe they thought it would be a success because it has worked for Gatorade for years. I hope they didn’t pay any money for the design.

  3. Ugh… these unis are hideous. I’d say they look like someone used Photoshop to make a design for a beer-league team, but that would be an insult to beer league teams.

  4. wow. there’s been some nasty stuff unveiled this summer, but those take the cake.

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