Canucks Reveal Beat Down Attire

The Vancouver Canucks revealed their “updated” logo, and their new jersey, to keep in line with the lock step of the rest of the league. From the Canucks website:

The combination of the original blue, green and white colouring, along with the Orca Whale celebrates the past and present in Canucks history.

Well, you would have to be completely stupid to ignore the overwhelming sentiment the fans showed toward the classic jerseys colors. But someone will have to explain a few things to me, like:

1) How is this logo interesting, different, or Canucks like at all? I understand the whole Orca Bay thing, but did someone just print a bunch of the old logos on an inkjet that ran out of red and yellow ink? It’s the same damn logo!!!

2) If you need to put the word “VANCOUVER” over the Canucks logo, shouldn’t you consider really changing the logo? Come on, who do they think they are? The Bruins of the 20s and 30s? That is going to be the thing that draws the most ire from the fans.

But, I think I am going to be updating this post, as soon as I figure out what photos I am legally allowed to post, and start seeing some reaction from around the Canuckosphere (ha! I made that up! I think! Ha!).

The thing is, my opinion of the thing is that it isn’t as bad as most, and would be better if it weren’t for the gigantic “VANCOUVER” across the front (which will probably be the most quoted thing from this post). I guess for all the mistakes made by teams with the jersey updating, this one is the least offensive. But, now that I have said that, I will probably be seeing the Avalanche jerseys with “COLORADO” on the front, over a two-tone big foot logo (which will be the second most quoted part of this post).

So, I look forward to seeing the Canucks lose in this new, and quite silly jersey. And at the hands of, what will hopefully be – if they ever get around to doing it – the well dressed Avs.

And I will probably regret saying that, but you know, living for the moment here.

Update: From the Canucks website:

The symbols that make up the new sweater encompass the long history of our fans love of hockey, Canuck teams, the original colours, the first logo and the city’s name. It displays a traditional Canadian design, and one of our most beloved neighbours, Orca Whales, representing where the team began and what the Canucks have become.

Go there, you will like the purple kool-aid. Yes, you will.

Update 2: Best comment yet.  Also, it appears that the jury is still out.

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