Lake Erie Monsters Unveil Inaugural Jerseys

The Lake Erie Monsters, new AHL affiliate of the Colorado Avalanche, showed off their first jerseys ever today.



I don’t know which one is home or which is away this year, but I like the white one better. Keeping the overall design simple seems to be the trick. It’s when you start to introduce the flash and trash that you get into trouble. Also, if helps that the Monsters have nothing previously to compare to.

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  1. I hate hate hate the sleeves, but I like how the color palette is similar to the Avs. That was a nice touch.

    But yeah, the sleeves suck.

  2. It’s like that Tiger Woods putt. Better than most.

  3. Very pretty indeed, I hope Jaroslav Hlinka will like it…

  4. Me likey. I’d wear that. Too bad I have to give up my firstborn to afford a goalie-cut authentic….

  5. Just passing through

  6. Where would i get a jersey with the players name and number on it?

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