NHL Score Sheet: We Spoke, They Started to Listen

The ongoing battle for better scoresheets on NHL.com is starting to make headway. Take a look at tonight’s game summary from the ongoing Bruins/Canadiens game:

Game Summary 1193098388321

Notice what’s back in?

Goaltenders!!!! You can see who is in goal form the same sheet you get the rest of your important info. Did the NHL read the posts about the score sheets? Did they see your comments?

Next, let’s see if we can get the shift charts back.

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  1. Fight the good fight!!!

    (That’s a Triumph song, you know.)

  2. Cupster33 says:

    It’s funny we should even have to bitch to them about posting good stats you would think they would already know this.

  3. BB – Triumph? I thought you liked punk? Couldn’t find a fitting DK song?

    Cupster33 – True. Why should good stats fall to the fans to create?

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