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No, it does not. Avs pick up their first road win of the season. Why they couldn’t do it while I was at the Wild game, sporting the team colors is beyond me. Budaj in net, only one minor penalty, no PP goals through the game, and that about does it. Ryan Smyth got so choked up, he didn’t even get an assist, much less a goal (which would have been interesting to see how the crowd reacted).

I don’t have much to say about this one, because I was at a concert tonight (the space-rock octuplet (???) Do Make Say Think), so I will leave it to the experts tonight. But the question that needs to be answered, maybe ad naseum lie the lead up, is did the game live up to the hype? And even better yet, now that Smyth has played his old team for the first time, is he still Captain Canada, or is he simply a hockey player?

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As a side note, is it significant that perennial starter Joe Sakic hasn’t been in the starting lineup in the last few games? This being a homecoming of sorts for Smyth, it doesn’t surprise me that he should be a starter, but I am very used to seeing Joe Sakic take the opening faceoff. What does that say?

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  1. hockeychic says:

    My thought was that the game really didn’t get going until the 3rd period. It was a good 3rd period – very exciting.

  2. Is there a way to locate someone locally to try this?

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