Dealing with Figure Skaters

Look, I’m no fan of figure skaters. Instead of doing nice simple skating, they take up the whole ice, take out chunks with their toe picks, and generally behave badly at public skate. And they have something called a Kiss and Cry after they skate (which in hockey, is reserved for Ryan Smyth). When there was the big problem with the Islanders Ice Girls last season, that was my biggest complaint, that they were wearing figure skates on the NHL ice. If I were the goalie, I wouldn’t let them in my crease either.

But is this really how to deal with the problem?


Actually, now that I think of it, I do believe it is. I’d pay 20¢ for that.

Triple Sow Cows Salchows are for the birds.

I got the image from Chris’s Invincible Super Blog, which is the awesome. I wish there was a hockey blog like it.

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  1. Clearly, Sir Tape, you should do a blog like that. I’m thinking Peeps and lots of cartoon word bubbles.

  2. Me likey the linky. I’ve added Chris to my Favs.

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