Avs Beat Flames: Nuff Said

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The Avs make it 2 road victories in a row, and you wouldn’t think that would be anything special. I mean, it’s just the road, right? The only unfortunate part it that they have given up another point to Calgary. That makes 2 points, or one whole win, and that’s the type of thing that can come back to haunt you.

That’s all I have on this one. I was laid up all night, and didn’t have a feed. Tomorrow, it’s the Avs vs the Wild, and I get the home feed. Plus, they scheduled the game around the World Series coming to Colorado for the first time. Ah, it’s nice to be from Denver.

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  1. Game note: Theo kept us in in making some pretty damn good saves (i really hope) one of our goal tenders step into the lead because having a question mark in the goal isn’t good for the team as whole.

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