Home for the Hockey Days

On tour, it’s easy to get homesick. As “fun” as it can be to spend your life on the road, traveling form city to city, you miss the things that make home.. home. In a few weeks, I get to be home for a little bit, and even take in a game. I will be going to the Avs game on the 28th of November against the Oilers, and then on Friday the 30th, I will be sucking down the beer and garlic dip at SoBo 151 for the away game versus the Sharks. Come on down and join me, but remember to bring your ID. You won’t want to go home without trying the Czechvar.

Next stop on the tour is Detroit for 6 weeks. It looks like I will be able to attend a few games at Joe Louis Arena, since we have Mondays off. I will be like a spy, an undercover Avs fan infiltrating the lair of the Wings. Hopefully, I can take in a few Plymouth Whalers games, who have the coolest jersey in the OHL. But it’s still Detroit, in one of the coldest parts of the year. Not exactly where you want to spend Christmas away from home. At least there will be feather bowling at the Cadieux Cafe.

Oh, and I’m going to be at a Rockford IceHogs game in a few weeks (Sunday, November 25th vs Grand Rapids). ’tis the season, eh?

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  1. Thought you were going to be at the San Jose game for a minute, I was about to say we should have a beer before the tilt… but alas you’re a tease. (Already have my tix)

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