Avs vs. Stars: WTF???

This was not what I was hoping for.

Screenshot 07

Following this game online during the show was too painful to keep up with. Actually, it was more like a scene from a really bad play, but you paid for the thing, so you might as well stick around and find out what happens.


So, if it weren’t for Halpern, Jokinen would have scored a natural hat trick. What the American Airlines Center must have been like after that.

Any guess who the dog of the night is?
Screenshot 05-2

Yeah, that second guy. Yeah, they must have read my comic about him.

Not that he was getting any real goal support, but 5 goals on 15 shots is a little demoralizing for a team.

I’ll post some real recaps from the Avosphere as they come online. I have other things I’m thinking about hockey wise right now. More later…

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  1. The D was beyond cluless and just another game where Q doesn’t have the troops ready after a lay off. Gotta credit the stars though they were allowed to take shot from where ever they pleased. Your right though we need a goal tender that can take control in game like these, i was nearly crapped my pants when i saw Bryzgalov go on waivers.

  2. I only caught the third period, but even that was painful to watch. The Avs must have had one hell of a horrible plane ride to Dallas. Easily their worst game of the season so far.

  3. That is a disgusting score. The Avs may be division rivals, but I find that I’m not exactly capable of hating them. In fact, I like quite a few members of the team a lot. Good to see Andrew Brunette continuing to do well out there for you guys.

  4. Kristin – Ain’t it, though? Every Wild fan should love Bruno for his goal against Patrick Roy. See you at the game Friday!

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