Friday Night Out: SoBo 151 Night

I’m back in Denver for a few days, and the only way I’m interested in taking in Friday’s Avs away game is at SoBo 151, with some Czechvar beer and Czech garlic dip. Awesome stuff.

I plan on being there around an hour before game time (at least), and staying through the whole thing. SoBo usually has drawings for prizes, such as game tickets (which I have won before), and sometimes fun stuff like bobbleheads (which I have also won before). They put games up on all the TVs with the Center Ice package (you can usually find Habs fans there during games), but it’s all Avs when the games starts.

Come down to a true hockey bar and say hi. MArvel at the jerseys and signed memorabilia on the walls. Drink stuff you can’t pronounce. I’ll be the bald guy wearing the Tyler Weiman jersey. Shouldn’t be too hard to pick out.

SoBo 151 is located at 151 South Broadway (get it?) in Denver.


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  1. “SoBo 151 is located at 151 South Broadway (get it?) in Denver.”

    I don’t get it… :)

    I’m probably not going to try heading out to Denver again until a couple months into the new year but when I do I’ll be sure to check that place out.

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