Avs vs Oilers: Good Game, Everybody

Talk about a good game to go to. The Avs came out with some jump and speed, put two goals in quickly, and dominated much of the game. The Oilers didn’t know what hit them.

I got my ticket outside the arena, and it was a pretty good seat, club level:


My view was a little obstructed, but it was easy to dodge the cameras in front of me:

A quick reminder:


Goals are fun!!!
Nice Zamboni:


Guess which one of these guys just won a hockey game?

The Avs got their backsides in gear for this one, and it while it was against the not-so-hot Oilers, it was something to build on. The worry-warts may be concerned with the third period showing by the Avs, but I think they were expecting the same Oilers team who played the first two periods to show back up, and that wasn’t the case. To the Oilers credit, they turned the speed and commitment dials to 11, and forechecked hard. It took a while for the Avs to respond, but still, the Oilers were kept to only four shots on goal in the 3rd. Overall shots were lopsided, with the Avs putting 43 on net compared to the Oilers 13. The event summary shows the Avs only blocking nine shots, while the Oilers blocked eighteen.

I had a great time at the game (winning helps), and can’t wait until the next time I get to go. It could be a while before I’m back at Le Can (February?).

Here’s your Colorado Avs Blog game recap. Enjoy.

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  1. My fantasy team cleaned up last night. I have Sakic, Wolski, and Clark on the team. What an excellent, excellent night. Could I convince you to attend a few more games?

  2. Find me a gig where I don’t have to be on tour, and I think we have a deal.

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