Capitals vs. Red Wings: Damn Waste of Money

When you get one night a week off, you take whatever hockey you can get, and seeing as how I must have lost some sort of cosmic bet, I am in Detroit, staying in a building that is physically connected to Joe Louis Arena, I went to tonight’s Red Wings game. To answer the question before you ask, yes, I felt dirty.

First off, Let me just say, seven dollars is way too much for a program. Way too much. But if you are going to buy the thing, I think you should be able to do whatever you want with it. It’s ,y seven dollars. This is the outcome:

Worst seven bucks spent ever, or worst? Such a conundrum.

Hey, hundreds of great seats still available.


At least there was one Capitals fan in the building.
Right at the bat, one of the linesmen went down, and had to leave the ice. He came back after a few minutes, because refs are tougher than you think.

Uhh. Whatever.


Anyways. The Wings won in the shootout, and scored on every shot. The only real standout thing was the play of Alexander Ovechkin, but for the wrong reasons. A.O. has about zero defensive game. And by zero, I mean none. It’s one thing to cherry pick, but it was getting ridiculous. I hope he was just having a bad night, because other than one goal off a faceoff, he didn’t have much of a game. Sure, you say a goal is good, but he was slow, sloppy, and the Red Wings defense owned him.

While an NHL game is an NHL game, and I wouldn’t consider this a waste of money, I think they should do me the honor of losing the next time I go, which would be New Year’s Eve. I only think it’s fair.

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  1. I love this post TL. Great pictures and I do condone your use of the Red Wing Program. That octopuss surely has survived the heady days of the original six. Such class, such tradition, such…that thing has wheels?

  2. D – Yeah, it does. Go figure. And that program didn’t survive a minute through the front door of my apartment. P.O.S.

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