Avs vs. Kings: This Certainly Helps

At least the Avs came through for me, in my time of woe.

Screenshot 01-15

Lots of shots, staying out of the box, and Peter Budaj. What more do you need? Makes me forget all about the other game tonight. That, and beating the Wings up on the PS2. That helped a lot.

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  1. Do you get to see these games, or are you frantically updating scores on the NHL.com. Do you stream the radio version?

  2. Jib – I don’t get to watch them right now, but I am going to be rectifying that soon – think Slingbox. I stream the radio when I can, but it depends on the internet situation, which changes from city to city. It hasn’t been the greatest lately.

  3. Yeah i would think, for you, sling box is a life saver. If you have a laptop all you would have to do is find your local Starbucks wireless, or public library with access and spend some time DLing it.

    Hopefully Santa’s good to you this year

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