More Johnstown Pictures

I took a bunch of pictures from my time at the Johnstown Chiefs, but I thought the last post was long enough. Here are some more.


You know it’s a tough crowd when the penalty box attendant gets heckled. From behind me I heard, “You throw like a girl.”

More hot dog tossing.


This is a “bar” (beer stand with seating) at the end of the rink. As far as I can tell, it isn’t reserved seating, and I would have gone down here for a period, except that the people next to me were into talking hockey, and I wasn’t going to give that up.

When the away team enters or exits the ice, they have to do so next to the Chiefs bench. Look at the step they have to take getting through the doorway. I would fall on my ass with a step like that on hockey skates. I bet the crowd goes wild when it happens.

I believe that I saw the worst Zamboni work I have ever seen at this game. To be fair, the guy didn’t have a lot of time, as between period promotions pushed the time perilously close to the start of the next period, but I have never seen, and I have been to a lot of minor league rinks, anyone have to squeegee the ice this much.

Notice that the ice and the building are not aligned. That would give me a headache.

That’s it from Johnstown. Next up, Flyers vs. Pens from Sunday.


  1. I’ve never been to a Minor League hockey game (which kind of surprises me), but I want to go. I’m hoping to make it to Stockton CA soon to see a game, but it’s quite the drive.

  2. San Jose to Stockton isn’t bad. There’s also the Fresno Falcons, and the Bakersfield Condors nearby. Ant the experience is worth it. They need your money more than the Avs do.

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